New job=new friends

New job=new friends
New job=new friends

Communication is a complex, two-way process. Being a good communicator means having a number of qualities that you can't stop developing. Being a good listener, being able to keep calm in critical situations, being a charismatic person and others.

In most cases, good communication plays a role in building a good relationship. The ones that most often excite us are the official ones and of an intimate nature.

There comes a time for everyone when they decide to change something in their work. Changing the working climate and quickly adapting to it is a key point. New environment, sometimes completely unknown, new and ever different people.

Entering a new position and team, we almost always find like-minded people to share our hobbies and excitement outside of work. Both sides need some time to relax and take a step forward towards the other.

Still, a few easy steps will make you relax and make new friends at work.

Team Building

These are incredible moments of fun, in which together with the team you build and strengthen your cohesion and get to know each other. Rafting, rock climbing, skiing and many other group activities. Don't miss these opportunities.

Have lunch together

A nice lunch shared with new and interesting people has a relieving effect. Try not to discuss your work commitments. Instead, talk about fashion, upcoming vacations, interesting events, yoga classes you might be attending, and why not boyfriends.

Cocktail Time

What better than to send off the day in the company of good drinks and your new colleagues. For those of you who are more shy, it's time to let loose and discover yourself. But don't overdo it with alcohol so you don't end up in an awkward situation.

Every day take small steps in getting to know your new friends. Be open and positive. Smiling and funny people are always welcome company.

Help as much as you can in the workflow because it's part of teamwork. And remember that sometimes it takes a little longer to reach the balance.

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