The workplace is killing you slowly but surely

The workplace is killing you slowly but surely
The workplace is killing you slowly but surely

Do you sometimes feel as if the stress at work is capable of killing you? In fact, according to science, this is quite possible. Your workplace could be making you sick, and in very serious ways.

A recent study proves that office stressors are more harmful to he alth than smoking! Do you feel caught in the death grip of an unfavorable work environment?

See the ways your workplace is killing you!

Air conditioner

In the summer heat, air conditioning is the salvation you cling to as soon as you walk in the door! Yes, but it is among the deadliest circumstances in the office.

The bad thing is that each person's metabolism works at different speeds and therefore everyone has a different need for heat or cool. Studies show that employees working in colder rooms are more likely to get sick with seasonal flu.

Working with men

Most women agree that men are easier to work with than women. Yes, but a new study by scientists at Bloomington University in Indiana found that women working in male-dominated work environments suffer from more social and interpersonal stress in the workplace.

These women had higher levels of cortisol in their blood, a hormone that can lead to blood sugar imbalances, weight gain and even fertility problems.

The lack of security

In this day and age, workplace security is extremely shaky. Everyone is trembling lest they lose their post. A sense of impasse makes people put up with all sorts of irregularities and exploitation by their bosses.

According to a 2013 study, job insecurity is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

The Horrible Boss

If your boss is demanding, burdens you with a lot of work, demands completion of tasks in impossibly tight deadlines, behaves arrogantly and does not respect you - it is more than clear that this will send your stress levels sky high!

Take 5 minute breaks if you are in this situation. Play music to distract yourself from the nervous situation. High levels of stress lead to generalized deterioration of he alth.

Open workspaces

Workspaces of open type or so-called "Open Space" offices are gaining wide popularity on the American model. At first glance, they seem very welcoming, bringing the team together and facilitating collaboration.

The truth, according to a number of studies, is that shared work spaces create conditions for increased criticism from colleagues and superiors and encourage workers to self-harm, writes

According to researchers, constant exposure to low-decibel noise (buzzing, chattering, buzzing of office equipment) increases employees' adrenaline levels, which in turn causes an increase in blood pressure.

Body posture while working

Prolonged sitting in a chair causes more deaths than even smoking. Research shows that sitting leads to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even premature death.

If you work 8-9 hours, 20 minutes total of the working day should be spent in traffic. It's a must if you want to extend your life!

The stale air

Last but by no means least – stale air is among the biggest workplace killers!

Air that is breathed by more than one person (as happens in most offices) can be a serious detriment to your he alth.

Don't forget to ventilate your office often. Research shows that in unventilated spaces, the risk of air pollution with molds, toners, office chemicals, particles from laser and inkjet printers is very high.

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