Sure signs you are working for the wrong leader

Sure signs you are working for the wrong leader
Sure signs you are working for the wrong leader

In a work environment there is always a boss and subordinates. Success depends most on the leader. To be a good leader, you need to possess a number of qualities that you can continue to develop over time. Being one of the good ones is always more difficult, maybe that's why we see the image of the wrong leader more and more often.

We're sharing a few surefire signs to be your signal light that you're working for the wrong leader.

Your leader is always negative

Every working day for you starts with a negative reception at the workplace. Questions like "How are you", greetings of good morning and a smile are not part of the daily life of a negative boss.

not with an overview of the past day, the achievements of the team, but with an emphasis on failures. If you are wrong, you will be severely punished several times, and only after that you can go back to your official duties. But how could you? Your motivation has crashed!

You are constantly criticized

Criticism given appropriately can be constructive. A well-functioning team must be able to take advantage of it to improve the way it works.

But the wrong leader will not find the right words, and instead of sounding like constructive criticism, they will rather insult your intelligence, qualifications and professional performance.

Never thank you

Thanking someone for bringing you coffee, holding the front door, or your team for good work and diligence is not only a sign of upbringing, but also part of the qualities of the good leader.


If the one who stands above you in the office hierarchy does not know the power of gratitude, he is certainly not your leader.

Wrong leader imposes outdated rules

He never thinks one step ahead. The work rules are cruel, often violating your human rights. Moreover, the wrong leader thinks out of fashion. For him, if his staff is laughing it means he's not working.

For the wrong leader words like fun, creative thinking, creative environment, staff stimulation do not exist. He still lives in the last century with old beliefs.

You have no freedom

have a long enough lunch break. To provide you with a place to relax. To be allowed to have access to social networks during the break. Have some ideas for social games in the workplace to distract you even for a short time from the hectic work day.

This unloads, reloads and you work willingly. These things probably seem more like normal working environment conditions to you. That's right. But in many companies in our country they are still missing, and together with them freedom is also missing.

On the other hand, you are not allowed to develop your ideas into projects because they are never good enough for your boss. Thus limiting you in a framework, it tramples your motivation, your development and potential.

The wrong leader does not invest in you

When you meet for an interview, he will have a lot of requirements to hire you, but he won't offer much of anything. Do you want to attend educational seminars, language courses, the company invests in you to be even better? This cannot happen with the wrong leader.

He doesn't know how to make decisions, or at least not the right ones

You are like in the army. Strict rules, no freedom, no respect for opinions and ideas. But once a crisis situation occurs, it is not the leader but you who must make the decision. If it's wrong, it will be your fault of course.

You are constantly being ignored

As strange as it may sound, there are organizations in which there is always someone who stands out with their qualities and intelligence. The wrong leader does not give such people the opportunity to develop their potential.

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