Makeup and hair trends for Valentine's Day

Makeup and hair trends for Valentine's Day
Makeup and hair trends for Valentine's Day

We are in the month of love, and the reason for this is Valentine's Day, which we celebrate on February 14.

In the Bulgarian tradition, the date is associated with Trifon Zarezan, and for more than 20 years, when the holiday approaches, arguments between love and wine begin. But both go hand in hand and many young people combine them.

And ladies can surprise their partners with a perfect look on this romantic day. The most romantic day of the year is approaching and love is in the air. Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or prefer the company of a glass of aromatic wine, February 14 is a good occasion for any woman to feel irresistible.

Beauty professionals and their muses share with us valuable tips for a glittering, on-trend look.

I would go for the more neutral since people will be kissing on holidays. I would advise them to stay without much saturated color on the lips, but let the eyes be an accent. Color highlights can be added, either on the entire lid or at the beginning of the eye, and I think this is something that would make the biggest impression on the stronger sex, as we make up the weaker “, explained the makeup artist Kyril Gutsov

Hairdresser Peter Parvanov is adamant that there is no right or wrong hairstyle. The important thing is for a woman to be confident in herself in order to be accepted well with any hairstyle. However, the natural, casual look is always appropriate.

What we have done right now is some casual curls, waves that I think are suitable for everyone. Even if you just sweep hair behind the ear, it's still a pretty nice hairstyle,” he pointed out.

With the arrival of spring, the beauty trends for the upcoming fashion season are beginning to be revealed. This year, makeup colors will be a matter of personal choice, but it's important for ladies to consider whether their complexion is warm, cool, or neutral. Layered and casual looks will be in fashion for ladies with long hair and also for short cut lovers.

The trends in make-up are the so-called draping. Draping is a technique that sculpts the face with color, not a contouring brown product that we are usually used to, and it also carries into the eye contour, the face contour and even onto the lips in the contour,” explained the makeup artist.

“Regarding colors, this season is trending in color movements, lighter, darker shades introduced into the hair. Smokey hair is fashionable this winter, translated means smoky hair. As in the makeup there is smoky makeup, so in the hair. We start from a darker base, as with Vladi, with a medium tone in the middle and a lighter tone is possible along the lengths," explained the hairdresser.

Today's heroes wish people to love themselves first, because this is the beginning of sincere love for others, and also to show their feelings all year round, because happiness lies in small gestures.

“Giving a flower no matter if there's an occasion or not, saying I love you, calling just to say you love the person you're with, these are the things, which, in my opinion, make the biggest impression, and we underestimate the most ", said "Miss Universe Bulgaria 2015" Radost Todorova

Although this year we will replace the romantic dinner out with the comfort of home, Valentine's Day is a nice occasion for every woman to take care of herself and be even more irresistible in the daily life of restrictions.

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