25 stories to remember the great Stefan Danailov

25 stories to remember the great Stefan Danailov
25 stories to remember the great Stefan Danailov

Students of Stefan Danailov recall the years with their Master. A teacher, a parent, a friend, above all a huge heart that never tired of giving unconditional love. This book is dedicated to him. The stories were collected by Alexandra Alexandrova based on the idea of ​​Iva Papazova.

"How easy it is to be loved" (208 pages, price: BGN 19, cover design: Teodora Yugova) covers 25 exciting stories told by talented and beloved Bulgarian actors, whose performances never go unnoticed: Paraskeva Dzhukelova, Ivan Burnev, Asen Blatechki, Svezhen Mladenov, Sofia Bobcheva, Antoineta Dobreva – Neti, Ivan Yurukov, Pavel Ivanov, Ralitsa Paskaleva, Lidiya Indjova, Alexander Kadiev, Deyan and Darin Angelovi, Stefania Koleva, Yavor Vulkanov, Vanya Shtereva, Nencho Ilchev, Evgeni Budinov, Nikola Parashkevov, Ana Papadopoulou, Valeri Yordanov, Asen Dankov, Radina Borshosh, Sevar Ivanov, Evelin Kostova, Bashar Rahal.

“A lot can be said about Stefan, but he is an experience. Stefan cannot be told. He is a broad soul, an emotion." Stefanija Koleva

“He always taught us: “Live this life. Don't get off the stage and dance until the curtain falls". Ralitsa Paskaleva

"He kept telling us:,, I don't know if I will teach you all to be good actors, but I will try to teach you to be good people and respect yourself and others."Anna Papadopoulou

Aleksandra Alexandrova (b. 1994) graduated in journalism from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" and has a master's degree in "Literature, cinema and visual culture". He has several edited books behind him, he is part of the team of ed. "Hummingbird" and the cinema-literary festival Sinelibri.

"Stefan Danailov taught his students not only how to be good actors, but also good people.How to conquer the stage without losing yourself outside it. How to show equal respect to the director in the theater and to the porter and be generous. Because sooner or later life will pay off. I believe that everyone, related to the acting profession or not, has something to take from this book."Iva Papazova

The official premiere of the book will take place on August 29 at 19:00 at the Cabana cinema in the capital.

The event is part of the project "Books by sheet music: literature, theater and music" of the publishing house "Hummingbird" and is realized with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality.


Excerpt from the book:

Iva Papazova, Alexandra Alexandrova - "How easy it is to be loved"

25 stories from Stefan Danailov's students

When I found out that the Master was gone, I sat on the bed and cried. Although I had long since ceased to be his student, I felt as though a stage in my life would never be repeated.On the day of the funeral, we gathered with the class. After worship, we sat in a beer hall next to the National Theater and spent the whole afternoon telling each other stories from the time we spent with him. We knew he would want to be sent off like this: to a table with the full menu and lots of laughs. We even imagined him smiling at us and saying: "Children, life goes on, keep your heads up!". We later found out that the rest of his classes had done the same. I felt sad that the stories told that afternoon, as well as the Master's lessons, would fade with time. Stefan Danailov taught his students not only how to be good actors, but also good people. How to conquer the stage without losing yourself outside it. How to show equal respect to the director in the theater and to the porter and be generous. Because sooner or later life will pay off. I believe that anyone involved in the acting profession or not has something to take from this book.

I thank my colleagues for each of them telling honestly and intimately about their Stefan Danailov. As it will always remain for them.

And to Rossi. For the courage you gave me.

Iva Papazova

Paraskeva Dzhukelova (graduation 1988–1992)

The beautiful face that is always there

At home there was one of those pictures that were very fashionable at the time. With faces of actors, they were also sold with autographs. I remember one particular person very well. Alain Delon of Bulgarian cinema - so young, so handsome. His image kept hanging around the house and kept popping up from somewhere. I have no idea who bought this photo, it certainly wasn't mine. Of course, I knew well who this man was, I had seen him on TV. Since I'm from Panagyurishte, I hadn't seen him that often in the theater or in movies. To be honest, then for me he was just the handsome man of Bulgarian cinema, a darling. I didn't see him as a talented actor… I admired artists like Rusi Chanev and Yosif Sarchadjiev more. In my mind, Stefan Danailov was not an example of an actor to admire.

At the academy, however, I realized what incredible charisma this guy has. We all raved about him. So charming, generous and easy to talk to, it was impossible to be angry with him. He raised us, took care of us, fed us, took us to restaurants. A broad soul. He helped and assisted anyone who could not find a place to stay or was in financial difficulty. He did it without demonstrations and publicity.

It was immediately obvious that he is very sincere and has a great desire to teach us. He didn't take himself too seriously and had a great sense of self-deprecation. He kept joking with himself and telling us about different situations in which he exposed himself and failed. In this way, you see that the huge star of Bulgarian cinema is actually a really down-to-earth person. Funny, good-natured and generous. Although he sometimes spoke to us in cynical terms, we did not affect each other. He was constantly cracking jokes, calling us "the patriots." He was one of us - as close as he was far. A friend we admired.To this day, I don't understand how he managed to do thousands of things. He played, at the same time he rehearsed, took pictures, and became an MP. The boys wanted very much to be like him, although they did not admit it. They were all Stefandanailovs. It felt a little too much at times, but I think they just wanted to be like him. Today, for example, I see how some actors who rehearse with Marius start acting like him. Because he is very strong. You meet this person and literally steal from their talents. So I understand these guys who were then eighteen or nineteen years old and had the honor of meeting this man. They can't help but want to take from him!

Stefan taught us the things of living life and living theater. When I started hosting "Monday at half past eight", I became super popular because I was on the screen every Monday. For a while I wondered how to behave because people already knew me. I could hear the Master's voice: "Well, how should you behave, normally, how?".The truth is that it is television that suddenly makes you a recognizable face. And being down-to-earth and normal was already embedded in me.

Beautiful face turns out to be a magnificent actor

I will never forget that once Stefan Danailov had to participate in "The Last Supper of Deacon Levski". Dimitar Obsti was playing and we were invited to watch it. He had complained to us that he could not remember the monologue posthumously – his difficulty with memorizing the lyrics was well known. The monologue was full of names that had nothing to do with each other, but they had to line up. He solved the problem with incredible ingenuity. He said: "They say that Dimitar Obshti couldn't read?!", and then took out a sheet of paper and read all the names. Save yourself. This was followed by the impressive role of Lorenzaccio in the play of the same name directed by Margarita Mladenova. We were almost done and he was struggling with his weight. We saw how before our very eyes he gave up being a nice guy and played the role of an unhinged man.And then everyone suspected that he was given roles only because he was handsome. He left his post.

You'll be fine my girl

For my thirtieth birthday, I tried to invite people from the class, but no one came. Over the years we drifted apart and did not maintain a serious relationship. However, the one I least expected appeared - Stefan Danailov. It was very touching. I wasn't one of those students that she encouraged and kept telling me, "You'll be fine, my girl." I think she felt that I was stronger and didn't need so much help.

The greatest Master

One day Stefan brought us together and we had to decide how to address him. He didn't like "comrade Danailov" at all, he said that everyone called him Lambo, but there had to be some kind of hierarchy after all. At that time he was neither an associate professor nor a professor. It was just a Lambo. Then "The Name of the Rose" was on and the call to Sean Connery was Master.Someone suggested it and we decided this would be it.

And so he became the Master. And we – in his masters.

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