77 and a half wonder plants. Folk belief, magic and healing

77 and a half wonder plants. Folk belief, magic and healing
77 and a half wonder plants. Folk belief, magic and healing

Some of the plants featured in “77 and a Half Wonder Plants. Folk Belief, Magic and Healing' are widely known, and others were known mainly to holders of magical knowledge. Dr. Georgi Mishev presents the official name of the plant (including its Latin name), followed by the names by which it is known in our folk medicine, a brief botanical description (accompanied by a color photo), guidelines for its applications, including the related ritual according to paleographic and ethnographic data. This information is supplemented by the special rubric of Eleonora Nedyalkova, the empirical experience of the phytotherapist Eleonora Nedyalkova ("From the experience of the phytotherapist"), about contraindications, instructions for the preparation and dosage of the medicine.

The number of species included is dictated by a legend spread among the Bulgarian people that after man was created from mud and left to dry, the devil pierced his body, and God plugged these holes with various grasses. The holes and grasses were 77 and supported both the body and the soul of the person, because that is how they preserved it in the body.

Nevertheless, there was always an illness or gap through which the soul could leave him. For this half pain there was half an herb that was unknown, but was torn off and discovered in a special way.

He who had already collected the necessary 77 plants had to find the half herb as well. To do this, the collector closes his eyes and with his hands behind his back plucks a random plant, which he then cuts into two halves with a knife. One half was considered given by good chance and was used as an addition to the other 77.


“Let everyone find their mate herb, which - thanks to good fate, will help the body and the soul. ", Georgi Mishev wishes to the readers. Knowledge of the remaining 77 wonderful plants brings the book, which opens the door to the magic of plants and to the world of our ancestors; to the part of the magical knowledge of Nature which they have bequeathed to us.

"The lyrics in "77 and a Half Wonder Plants. Folk faith, magic and treatment" introduce the modern reader to the most characteristic features of the rituals, beliefs and healing practices of the Bulgarian people. For our ancestors, plants were not only a material gift, but also symbols and spiritual essences. The book recalls and tells about these beliefs, holidays and ritual actions, which are mainly part of the Bulgarian traditional culture, but along the paths of cultural cooperation, they have also passed to our neighboring nations."

Assoc. Georgi T. Tomov, MD, Director of the "Museum of Medicine" at the Medical University - Plovdiv

Georgi Mishev is a doctor in the field of cultural-historical heritage, with a focus on the study of ancient religious practices, magical rituals and rites of the peoples of the Balkans. Member of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore, author of a number of publications on the subject in Bulgarian and in foreign languages ​​and participated in a number of national and international conferences (England, Austria, Russia, Vietnam). Georgi Mishev has exceptional knowledge of the role of plants in Bulgarian folklore, magical rites and beliefs.

Elionora Nedyalkova is an engineer, botanist and biochemist, folk healer and connoisseur of herbs in Bulgaria. All recipes for the creation and application of herbs, herbal mixtures, alcoholic extracts (tinctures) and salves (pomades and salves) have been verified by Eleonora and have survived the test of time. They were recorded by the old healers she trained under over the years.

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