Lili Spasova: Children are the cure for any disease or virus

Lili Spasova: Children are the cure for any disease or virus
Lili Spasova: Children are the cure for any disease or virus

Lili Spasova is a special person. Not only because I've known her since I was a child and she's my dear friend, but because she's one of those people who manage to make you smile with her kindness, her optimism, and above all, her talent. Lily is a writer with several books under her belt: "By Diogenes" (2005), "A Fairy Tale" (2007), "Dara's Tales" (2009), "Seventh Day", prose, (2012), "Pieces of Happiness ", poetry, (2015), "Mentholcho" (2019), as well as many more ideas for future works, I really hope.

However, one of her magics is very special: she writes fabulous stories for children that we adults also dive into with excitement.In focus today is her latest children's book “Wana. A Sea Story,”which I asked Lily to tell us a little more about. Get to know her. I wish you a pleasant reading.

On the book market is your new children's book "Wana. A sea story". Tell us about its journey to the little reader - how did the idea for the fairy tale come about and how long did it take you to write it?

The tale of Wana has been meekly written and waiting for its moment since a few years ago. It was written a few years before "Mentholcho", and the ice cream man opened a door for it, and it somehow naturally came to light.

Wana the Fish is a tale of friendship. I hope to be able to provoke the children, through their meetings with Wana, to reach for encyclopedias to learn more about the secrets of the deep sea, the types of sea inhabitants, their way of life… Wana's way to the readers, hmm, after one meeting of the ice cream man Mentolcho with the children in the city of Plovdiv, from the Plovdiv publishing house "The Storyteller" they told me in plain text that they would be happy to work with me and that's how the miracle happened.Since I had ready illustrations from my artist for this tale several years ago, I made it a condition that they should see the illustrations first, if they like them, because I care about them, then I will send them the tale itself as text. They also liked the illustrations and the story. And so it happened 'Wana. A Sea Story".

Who is the author of the beautiful illustrations?

The artist of the tale “Wana. A sea story" is Vesela Toncheva, our compatriot living in Denmark. She is extremely talented, which is evident from the beautiful illustrations in the story. We are a good team with her, together we have prepared the educational magazine "Arti", the children's magazine "Our Ballerina", she is the artist of two other books of mine for children: "A Fairy Tale", 2007 and "Dara's Tales", 2009 Vesela Toncheva is a graduate of Southwestern University, majoring in "Industrial Arts".


You already meet with students many times to present your books. What are your impressions of the meetings with the children? Do Bulgarian children read? What were the most curious questions you were asked?

Children are an inspiration! Meetings with children are exciting, heartfelt and emotional. Children are inquisitive, inquiring, searching, demanding and critical. I'm glad today's kids are so intelligent and thoughtful, so genuine.

As a person who has worked for many years in the field of education and culture, as a person who is not indifferent to the book and its importance in children's lives, I dare to say that most children read. Those who read have their own pretensions about what they will read, their own view of things, their own point of view, which is commendable.

The role of the family, the role of the teacher and the school librarian are interconnected and it is good that the process is happening.

“If you want your children to be intelligent - read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter, read them more stories.” – Albert Einstein

The book in a child's life is an important part of building him as a person, and without children's books we would condemn our children to spirituality. I think that today's parents are modern and intelligent, realizing the importance of the book in the daily life of young people. They say that today's readers are a new type of readers, and yes, the new technology implies that too, here now in this testing time even children's education is remote. The inner urge to reach out to art remains. And it's time for online concerts, online meetings with writers and books, a meeting with the fairy tale, meetings with artists, artists and their works. Bulgarian children are alert children and meetings with books and modern authors are a provocation to their minds, an opportunity to read more and reach for the book more often.

Thanks to The Storyteller for inviting me to join this noble initiative.

Regarding the most curious questions: “Writer, how old are you?” or “When did you decide to become a writer?", " Why do you write? " or "How do you come up with the idea for a fairy tale?", "How do you come up with the names of your heroes?' and a bunch of other questions.

You joined the initiative "Online break with the Storyteller", which aims to give courage to children in times of self-isolation in our homes. What is your message to young readers?

I am honored to be one of the authors featured in "Online Recess with the Storyteller", which aims to give courage to children in times of self-isolation in our homes. I believe that online meetings also have their contribution, through them I give a piece of my faith and hope that we will all be able to cope together in times of difficulties and challenges. As an author, I am part of the National initiative to promote children's reading "The Storyteller" and the publishing house "The Storyteller", I am also part of all the projects of the National Initiative - Vana is read by Daisy in the kindergarten project "Daisy and the Storyteller fairy tales", I participate in "Tales under the lamps" with the lamps of Nikolay Tabakov - 5 authors, Fairy-tale light of the lamps and others.

This is a source of national pride for me personally, I believe that initiatives aimed at children and in the name of children are noble, inspiring and important. My message to young readers is not to underestimate modern Bulgarian writers, because in our modern children's literature there are remarkable storytellers, authors of adventures and fantasy, books that are worth reading. My message to children is that they are the greatest miracle! Dear children, planet Earth has become like a wounded knee with a thousand bleeding wounds. I wish courage to all people! Dear children, you are incredibly special and I believe that your smiles, faith, love and purity of thought will make the world and its wounds turn into red peonies and scarlet roses, into fragrant violets and from blue to bluer forgettables…

You are the cure for any insidious disease or virus, you are the greatest miracle!


The situation in which we find ourselves at the moment - Bulgaria, and the whole world, has undoubtedly faced us with great challenges. What is your message to the readers in this difficult time for them, do you have any advice on how to keep their spirits up?

Dear Ladies, dear Readers, don't give in to fear because it paralyzes our senses. Our earth needs more faith, kindness and love! I think that if everyone does one good thing today, it will lift their spirits. If everyone shares a smile, it will make at least a few more people smile, everything is interconnected. We are part of a whole organism, and when the soul is sick, so is the body. Let's smile more, help each other more, believe more. Let's have faith that together we can do it! The Bulgarian spirit does not fall easily and a virus cannot break it.

You have several children's books behind you. Is it a challenge to write for children?

First of all, writing for children is a responsibility. The challenge is great due to the fact that today's children are "born with higher education" and it takes really a lot of hard work and perseverance, and of course, above all, great love, to find the way to children's hearts.

What inspires you?

Life is an inspiration! It is a string of white, black and patterned beans, the point is when we cook the soup to add aromatic spices… such as affection, faith, hope, kindness, cordiality, empathy, love in all its dimensions. Life is a fairy tale, and each of us is a hero in this fairy tale.

What are the books that have impressed you lately, would you share their titles?

I never read just one book. I have at least five or six books by my head on the locker, and depending on my mood, I reach for a certain one. I am reading "Anxious People" by Frederic Backman, I am reading "Life in the Rocks" by Maria Laleva, I am re-reading Yordan Yovkov's stories with great pleasure, I keep rediscovering the prose of Zdravka Evtimova, who inspires me as a person "The same river", " Pillow stories", "Blood of a mole" and others.I enjoy the exquisite prose of Nikolay Milchev and more precisely his book "The Apple Man". Sometimes in the evening I read stories from my childhood, stories that have left a lasting impression on me and my soul remembers. And the best part is that I always discover something new that makes me smile and tingle with sweet excitement. And I'm cozy with a book in my hand.

After “Wana. A sea story" to where? Do you have an idea for a new book, could you tell us a bit about it?

Interesting question… Where the Road took me. Lots of ideas, we'll see. I might as well lift the curtain a bit… One of my children's book projects is about a cat named Hapchuk who travels beyond the boundaries of reality in his world and discovers the thousands of possibilities of the vast cosmos. I won't give you the other fairy tale characters. Nor will I tell you the name of the country where Hapchuk and the others live.


In this emergency situation, how can readers get your new book?

Order of the tale "Wana. A sea story" you can do. Children's bookstore "At the Storyteller" awaits you!

Your wish for our readers?

Be yourself! Don't betray yourself, love yourself and smile more often!

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