The most common causes of red eyes

The most common causes of red eyes
The most common causes of red eyes

Red eyes are sometimes just a sign of tiredness and exhaustion, but in other cases they indicate different problems – some related to infections, others to everyday circumstances.

If your eyes are red, but you can't think of the reason, we will remind you of some circumstances in which eye redness is observed.


Dry eyes are a common problem. It causes irritation and burning and is mostly characteristic of people over 50 years of age. It is regulated with eye drops or artificial tears, as well as medications that stimulate the secretion of tears from the lacrimal glands.

You have an allergy

Allergic reactions do not always manifest with a multitude of unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes they manifest simply with. That is why some people do not realize that they suffer from an allergy.


Some medicines cause redness in the eyes. The active ingredient ibuprofen, for example, can cause irritation and redness.


Lack of enough sleep hinders the rest of the. In the morning the eyes are red, the vision is blurry and this can last quite a long time.


Alcohol abuse without even being an alcoholic can affect the eyes and their freshness. After a few drinks in the evening, in the morning the eyes are red, dry and irritated. The reason is that alcohol has the property of dehydrating the body.


You smoke

Cigarette smoke causes blood vessels to narrow. This in turn hinders the supply of oxygen to the lacrimal glands and suppresses their ability to produce tears. The brain reacts to this process and, in an effort to compensate for the deficiency, provokes additional expansion of the blood vessels.This causes redness and tiredness of the eye.


Conjunctivitis is an infection of the mucous membrane covering the front of the eyeball (conjunctiva). It is caused by bacteria that can affect one or both eyes. Other symptoms of conjunctivitis can be itching, burning, tearing, thick discharge in the eyes that dries up in the morning, sensitivity to light.

You have been to the pool

If you have red eyes but can't figure out why, this could be the answer. All kinds of eye-irritating preparations are put in the pools, which can cause redness and discomfort.

Ruptured blood vessel

A burst capillary in the eye can make it red and cause stinging, burning and irritation, similar to feeling like something is in the eye. Frequent bursting of capillaries in the eye is not an unimportant signal. May suggest high blood pressure.

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