7 anti-inflammatory foods

7 anti-inflammatory foods
7 anti-inflammatory foods

Do you know what chia seeds, red cabbage, turmeric have in common? These are some of the best foods that are believed to help reduce inflammation in the body that can lead to a number of diseases, such as cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart diseases and others. In addition, when various inflammatory processes occur in our body, it can also accelerate the aging process of our body.

That is why it is important how we eat and what foods make up our daily menu. Check out a few more that are also anti-inflammatory.


The exotic fruit contains good amounts of vitamins C, E and beta-carotene (provitamin A), which have powerful antioxidant properties.Papaya consumption also provides us with enzymes that help improve digestion and protein absorption. These are apain and chymopapain, which also help reduce inflammation.


Superfood for he alth and beauty! Blueberries are rich in various phytonutrients, such as flavanols, anthocyanins, hydroxycinnamic acids and others. They function as both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in the body.


Tasty and low in calories, broccoli is thought to contain anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer phytonutrients like sulforaphane and kaempferol, which help alleviate inflammation and oxidative stress, fight allergies, and eliminate potentially carcinogenic compounds. Their consumption also provides us with vitamin C, which is also known to be a powerful antioxidant.


According to a number of Western studies, ginger contains antioxidant substances that help protect cells from inflammation. That is why it is one of the most recommended spices during colds and flu.


Beneficial cranberries have been shown to contain important anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that protect the cardiovascular system and many parts of the digestive tract, including the mouth, gums, stomach and colon. We should not forget that they are also recommended for urinary tract infections.


We know about it that its consumption makes us full, provides us with energy, useful fats, is suitable for weight loss. But avocado is also an anti-inflammatory food. It contains various anti-inflammatory nutrients such as phytosterols, carotenoid antioxidants, vitamins C and E. It also provides us with minerals such as manganese, selenium and zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and many other beneficial nutrients.

Walnuts are rich in alpha-linolenic acid or ALA. It has been shown to help reduce inflammation and protect cells. However, the consumption of walnuts and other nuts should be moderate, as they contain fat and enough calories.

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