25 bad habits for the heart

25 bad habits for the heart
25 bad habits for the heart

Getting angry over another trifle, we hardly think that our heart is suffering. A bad habit to which we can add dozens of others that harm our body as a whole. The heart never rests, remember that. It serves us 24/7 and needs to be loved and cared for. It seems that we often forget about it, and our day is accompanied by a number of bad habits that harm it. Today we share with you 25 to think about.

You often suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders.

In general, your life is filled with stress,anxious thoughts.

You smoke and drink too much coffee.

Don't regularly drink green or black tea,which contain flavonoids (plant chemicals) known to reduce the risk of arterial plaque build-up.

Your menu often features processed meats, red meat.

You have excess fat deposits in the waist area or are generally overweight.

You have a habit of "relaxing" with alcohol in the evening.

You are over consuming coconut oil.


You ignore depressed moods, forgetting that our mood in general has an impact on our he alth.

Keep your blood sugar high.

You don't do sports and in general you don't move enough.

You are ignoring the fact that there is a history of heart problems in your family.

Desserts in the form of sweet treats are a daily occurrence for you.

You don't know what your cholesterol levels are because you don't monitor them, and the same goes for your blood sugar.

You don't measure your blood pressure from time to time even when you complain of headache.

Your menu is "rich" in trans fats.

You have deteriorated dental he alth.

You don't have a hobby that fills you with pleasant emotions and helps you eliminate stress.

You are lonely, you don't have many social contacts and a loved one by your side.

sufficient omega-3 fatty acids.

You consume a lot of s alty foods.

You decided on your own to stop the heart medication your doctor prescribed.

You are not consuming enough fresh water.

You are overtraining your body and not giving it enough rest.

Your menu is poor in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts (without s alt and flavoring).

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