4 stones that balance the thyroid gland

4 stones that balance the thyroid gland
4 stones that balance the thyroid gland

Thyroid imbalance can occur in both sexes and in different age groups. The factors influencing the disruption of its function can cover a wide spectrum. Some of the most common ailments suggestive of impaired thyroid function are depression, anxiety, irritability, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders, change in body weight and others.

In addition to the therapy prescribed by a specialist, the power of special stones that have a positive effect on the he alth of the thyroid gland can be applied in parallel. We share some of them.


Amber is not only a beautiful stone, but it is recommended for patients who suffer from reduced thyroid function.It increases the body's absorption of iodine and has been used as a healing stone since ancient times. To benefit from its healing powers and qualities, wear an amber pendant or necklace.

Blue chalcedony

Blue chalcedony comes in beautiful pastel colors and works primarily to relieve nervous tension and regulate thyroid hyperfunction. To always be in balance, in a good mood and feeling, wear the stone in the form of a medallion.


Another unusual stone in blue-green hues that can benefit hypo and hyperthyroidism patients. An effective glandular regulator that also helps to get rid of negative moods.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has also been used for centuries to balance he alth. Helps to harmonize thyroid function and increases mental activity.To feel its extraordinary power, it is important to wear it like a necklace and to have patience. The power of the stones is great, but it works more slowly over time and requires a longer period of time to trust them by carrying them around.

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