Symptoms suggestive of thyroid cancer

Symptoms suggestive of thyroid cancer
Symptoms suggestive of thyroid cancer

Thyroid nodules are relatively rarely malignant and can grow into a tumor mass, but we still need to be aware of the symptoms of thyroid cancer so that we can take measures as early as possible.

Nodules are usually asymptomatic and range in size from a few microns to a few millimeters. But if a tumor develops, it can cause changes in sensation in the neck and throat area.

Caution! The article is informative. If in doubt, consult a doctor

Lump in throat

If you feel as if something is obstructing your throat and you feel something like a lump, go to a doctor for a consultation. It could be thyroid cancer.

Thyroid nodule studies show that the vast majority of them are benign, but to be sure, it's a good idea to get yourself checked out. To make sure there is something bothering you, press your fingers to the front of your throat and swallow a few times.

If the lump does not move, it may mean that it is a malignant tumor.

Hoarse voice

A change in voice can also suggest cancer of the thyroid gland or larynx. The vocal cords are just behind the thyroid gland, and if you have a tumor on it, it can also affect your voice, making it hoarse and hoarse.


Chronic cough

and you can't tell from what? Go to the doctor for tests and examination because this is not a good sign. A cough is usually caused by some irritant, allergen, infection, or cardiovascular problem associated with shortness of breath.

However, if you do not suffer from any such problem, do not smoke and do not associate the cough with an infection, it may be due to thyroid cancer.

Difficulty swallowing

Thyroid tumors, especially if they are several millimeters in size, can cause difficulty in swallowing. If the problems worsen and even include shortness of breath and the inability to take in enough air, this is indeed a serious signal.

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