Fibank offers remote application for a mortgage loan

Fibank offers remote application for a mortgage loan
Fibank offers remote application for a mortgage loan

After already last year Fіbank (First Investment Bank) launched the "Video consultation" service for individuals, from today everyone can take advantage of the remote application option for a mortgage loan.

Customers can submit a fully online mortgage loan request based on financial parameters through the My Fibank mobile application. The request can be confirmed only with the password for My Fibank, no other means of identification is required.

FIB experts are available online, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, and the video chat is completely free. In this way, everyone can get more information and get answers to all their questions quickly.

For mortgage loan requests submitted by the end of May 2021, First Investment Bank offers the client the possibility to postpone the payment of the first up to 3 monthly installments on the loan. It can also be claimed to be original on the main and lyx or camo on the main. The interest due for the period of origination is distributed optionally and is added to the remaining monthly payments until the maturity of the loan.

After getting approved for a mortgage loan, clients can also take advantage of a pre-approved overdraft on a debit account in the amount of up to 3 working salaries, with 0% annual interest for the first year. Financing is up to 90% of the retained value of the property chosen by the client.

An important factor causing the increased demand for real estate is the low interest rates on mortgage loans that are currently offered by banks in the country. The interest rate on the "Right to choose" home loan offered by Fibank is 2.71%.

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