Digital payments are faster and more secure with Fibank, Fitbit and Visa

Digital payments are faster and more secure with Fibank, Fitbit and Visa
Digital payments are faster and more secure with Fibank, Fitbit and Visa

In the times when digital technologies definitely take over a large part of transactions, consumers prefer secure and contactless operations. Another innovative project in this direction is the partnership between Fibank (First Investment Bank), Fitbit and Visa – payment with a watch with just one touch to the terminal.

Fitbit Pay allows customers to add their Fibank-issued Visa cards to compatible Fitbit wearables. Customers will be able to make payments at POS terminals that support contactless payment technology without the need to take out their card.

Fitbit Pay is currently available on Fitbit Sense, the Fitbit Versa smartwatch series, Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Charge 4 and Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition. By following simple steps in the Fitbit app on Android or iOS, users can quickly add their Fibank cards to the digital Fitbit Wallet. To make payments, customers simply press and hold the left button until their card appears on their device's screen, then hold the device near a payment terminal until a payment confirmation appears. The customer selects a secure PIN during device setup for an additional level of security. Additionally, the use of Visa's tokenization technology makes any online or mobile payment secure and easy by replacing user profiles with a unique digital identifier or "token" that is different for each device. In this way, account and card details are never shared, giving digital transactions greater security.

In connection with the launch of payments through Fitbit pay, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Management Board of Fibank, Mr. Nikola Bakalov, shared: "We are pleased that Fibank will be the first Bulgarian bank to introduce digital payments with a Fitbit watch. Over the years, we have proven that innovation in every area of ​​banking is our priority – we offered the first contactless card, introduced mobile payments with a smartphone and a watch, unknown until then on the market. In the situation in which 2020 has put us, we continue to work for the convenience and security of our customers, and we will soon surprise them with more new services."

“At Visa, we're committed to providing payment experiences tailored to customer needs. Since the beginning of the pandemic, contactless technologies have become a key factor in the safety of consumers, who expected the use of cash and contact with payment terminals to be eliminated.We are delighted to partner with Fibank to unlock the potential of mobile devices and create a payment method that will change the way customers make their everyday purchases, especially in places where cash has traditionally been relied upon. Thanks to Fibank and the security of Visa's tokenization technology, people can pay with their Fitbit in the same way they use their credit or debit card, enjoying even greater convenience," commented Ms. Krasimira Raicheva, Visa manager for Bulgaria.

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