Polina Durkova: Smartlady.bg is the new home of female entrepreneurs

Polina Durkova: Smartlady.bg is the new home of female entrepreneurs
Polina Durkova: Smartlady.bg is the new home of female entrepreneurs

Women in business have been able to benefit from the specially created Smart Lady program aimed at working women for a year and a half. It combines not only credit opportunities, but also includes a number of other financial and non-financial solutions to offer women support, security and peace of mind.

We meet you with Polina Durkova - a graphic designer from Studio X. She is behind the project - the web-based information and training platform to help women in business. The platform is inspired by Fibank's Smart Lady program of the same name and aims to create a community of women who, through meetings and seminars, can upgrade their skills and find like-minded people from whom to draw ideas and courage.

Young and ambitious Polly talks about the challenges of making the platform, the inspiration she had and the satisfaction that came from the results.


Tell us how the smartlady.bg platform is different from ordinary sites?

It is made for women and not just any kind. Women who are active, active and business oriented. Women with very serious goals and responsibilities. In this sense, my approach to design was guided by the words "lightness and clarity". Because serious business women have no time to waste. The difference with ordinary sites comes mostly from the content itself - it is not just news and photos, but trainings that could be very useful for ladies who want to develop in business.

What was the biggest challenge for you in making the platform?

The challenge came from the fact that the task was very complex.Events and trainings are the icing on the cake. However, they are not the only ones. The "Current" section unfolds the entire business world of women entrepreneurs. Where else can we find this information collected and neatly stored in one place? Where can we actually find these women too? Well there again - on the Smart Lady platform.

It was a big challenge to gather all the components in one place considering that they are all equally important and nothing should be overlooked. I think we did a good job.

And how important is design?

In fact, he is just a shell. The content and valuables that make the Smart Lady platform unique are predetermined by the amazing nature of the program itself.

What is your opinion of Smart Lady as a business program and how do you think the platform helps promote it?

When we formed the team and got acquainted with the project, I read the concept of the program. Until then, I admit, I did not know about her. I liked the attitude towards the woman as an equal business player.

I got excited about the idea of ​​the platform and the fact that we had to gather many elements in one place - trainings, events, photos, news. I didn't realize it then, but now I know why she is so valuable - because she brings that charge of emotional intelligence that only a woman can turn into a successful business.

The program and the platform help each other in promotion and that's the best thing - one is like an advertisement for the other.

Have you yourself benefited from trainings on the platform and if not, would you do so?

At this stage of my life, I don't see myself in the position of a managing business lady, so I haven't taken advantage. But I would definitely go to an event hosted by Smart Lady. It would be helpful for me to hear the advice of women hot and bubbly in business circles.

At Studio X, you claim to believe in long-term partnerships and friendships. What does cooperation with First Investment Bank, whose product is Smart Lady, bring you - partnership, friendship or both?

That's right, we claim it and stand firmly behind these words. Long-term partnerships not only lead to friendships, but also to sustainable and quality products. And the benefits specifically in this case are for many people. Our platform project and its implementation confirms it.

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