5 tricks to improve skin texture

5 tricks to improve skin texture
5 tricks to improve skin texture

The skin is one of the most complex organs in the human body. She is also the biggest. Therefore, it is often a real challenge to fully understand her and reward her with what she needs. Its texture can be disturbed for many reasons. With advancing age, with the appearance of he alth problems or disorders, with hormonal imbalances, as well as the influence of atmospheric conditions, the skin rarely has a perfect structure and texture.

Newborn babies and young children have very smooth skin with no visible pores. Over time, this ideal skin texture is gradually lost, and there is hardly an adult who does not have some texture disturbance to one degree or another.

The most common causes of more serious damage to skin texture are acne, dry skin, age.

Acne causes inflammation in the upper and middle layers of the skin. As a result of inflammation and clogging of the pores, bulging pimples are produced, which then sink, disrupting the texture.

Dry skin breaks texture by flaking, stretching, and the result is an accumulation of dead cells. With aging, the texture of the skin breaks down due to the loss of the proteins elastin and collagen, which contribute to smoothing the structure and maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin.

How to improve skin texture?

1. Always, always wear sunscreen

The damage that the sun can cause is unmatched by almost anything else. Constant exposure to the harmful influence of UV rays destroys the texture of cells and accelerates the aging process.Sunscreen is an important component in the prevention of these harmful processes.

2. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation occurs between 1 and 3 times a week depending on skin type. Dry skin needs less exfoliation than oily skin. But it is important not to miss this procedure, because it accelerates the exchange of cells, stimulates their regeneration and growth, which positively affects the smoothing of the texture.

3. Retinol

Retinol also accelerates metabolism at the cellular level. It fights aging, inflammation, uneven skin tone, age spots, acne scars and enlarged pores. Retinoids help regulate skin cell turnover, participate in the synthesis and absorption of collagen, and help fill in imperfections, smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Products fortified with vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates cell renewal and is an essential element in the absorption of collagen.Without its help, collagen is not absorbed as well by the skin. This process is very important for improving the texture and smoothing out skin imperfections. It fights free radicals that cause aging and early wrinkles.

5. Niacinamide

Niacinamide or vitamin B3 is a wonderful natural ingredient with many benefits for the skin. It soothes, smoothes the complexion, conceals imperfections, stimulating the improvement of skin texture. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps smooth the complexion and even out the texture. It also helps retain moisture from hydrating products.

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