А1 Xplore TV now offers a full spectrum of audio-visual information

А1 Xplore TV now offers a full spectrum of audio-visual information
А1 Xplore TV now offers a full spectrum of audio-visual information

There is hardly a person who has not used YouTube - one of the largest video platforms that is a vast source of video content for users of all ages and genders. All YouTube content is now available to users of the interactive, who will now be able to more conveniently watch their favorite videos, listen to music and easily access their personal playlists through the screen of their TV.

A1 has expanded the functionality of its streaming platform and now provides customers with the convenience of accessing YouTube and YouTube Kids directly from their TV. Applications can be opened directly through the main menu of Xplore TV, which can also be easily controlled through a smartphone.

Interactive features, intuitive interface, video library, 4K channels

What makes A1 TV truly special is the availability of a rich catalog of hit movies for rent. In viewers, they can discover titles from leading studios and producers that are no longer broadcast on the big screen and watch them at home. And at the moment, when the functioning of cinemas is in question, access to the Video library is another advantage for users.

In addition, A1 Xplore TV has an intuitive user interface that remembers and analyzes the customer's previous viewings and thus facilitates access to video content. The platform "learns" from the viewer and automatically suggests movies and series based on their preferences.

Also, A1 is the first Bulgarian telecom to provide its customers with access to 4K TV channels. In this way, users can enjoy crystal clear picture quality and feel like a movie theater in their own home.

YouTube on A1 Xplore TV

With the addition of YouTube and YouTube Kids to A1 Xplore TV, the company continues to take care of providing diverse and quality video and movie content to its customers. Viewers can now also enjoy easy and convenient access to online videos, which will make staying at home even more pleasant and fun for the whole family.

Younger members of the household, who are often also bigger fans of video content, will have easy access to online videos from the dedicated YouTube Kids platform. Videos are sorted by age and genre categories, giving parents peace of mind that their child won't come across inappropriate content online.

YouTube is the largest online video sharing platform with billions of uploaded videos and monthly users. In 2015, the company also created YouTube Kids to give parents more peace of mind by offering only age-appropriate content for children.

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