Watch The Four Seasons Visual Concert Online

Watch The Four Seasons Visual Concert Online
Watch The Four Seasons Visual Concert Online

The NDK will delight its audience with a special Easter gift - the broadcast of a complete recording of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" visual concert from the Kinomania 2019 program.

The concert will be available online on the day known as Bright Monday - April 20 from 9:00 p.m. on the National Palace of Culture's Facebook page The concert was presented for the first time in Bulgaria at a special evening en titled "Draw me sadness", dedicated to the world-famous Bulgarian director and artist Teodor Ushev.


In addition to the visual concert "The Four Seasons", on November 17, 2019, the Kinomania audience also enjoyed the premiere of the film "Physics of Sadness", a work by Theodor Ushev based on the novel by the writer Georgi Gospodinov. Immediately after its world premiere in Toronto, the 28-minute animation captured the attention of critics and audiences, won various international awards and had a remarkable festival run and success on several continents. The film also reached the short list of 10 contenders for the Oscar for "Best Animation" of 2019, and the "Draw Me Sad" evening in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture was wildly applauded by the audience and became one of the most the significant cultural events of the year.

Now the "Four Seasons" concert will delight the audience online as well, and in the comfort of home everyone will be able to experience the emotion of this unique work of art, combining the genius music of Vivaldi, the exceptional performance of the musicians of the "Quarto Ensemble " with director Ivan Penchev and the remarkable visual impressions of four talented animation directors, among them the Bulgarian Teodor Ushev.His work is the experimental animation for the musical part "Winter".

The other three artists who recreated the different seasons are: Anna Budanova from Russia - "Spring", Olga and Prit Parn from Estonia - "Summer" and Atsushi Wada from Japan - "Autumn". The concert combines sound and picture in one, and the synchronization between them was carried out by means of software provided by a Japanese technical team that flew to Sofia specifically for the realization of the event.

Enjoy your Easter holidays with the enchanting palette of emotions in the visual concert "The Four Seasons" and don't miss to be a part of one of the most fascinating events of the past year!

The event "The Four Seasons" is a production of the Tokyo University of the Arts and was realized within the framework of Kinomania with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality.

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