Cinelibri presents "φ1.618" - the first full-length film by Teodor Ushev

Cinelibri presents "φ1.618" - the first full-length film by Teodor Ushev
Cinelibri presents "φ1.618" - the first full-length film by Teodor Ushev

Cinelibri is pleased to announce that this autumn it will be the distributor for Bulgaria of the long-awaited dystopia "φ1.618" - the work of the animator, illustrator and director Teodor Ushev. "φ1.618" is Ushev's first full-length film and another peak in the world of cinema that he will conquer. Inspired by a literary work ("Pumpal" by Vladislav Todorov), the story will transport viewers to the mysterious world of biotitans.

The title refers us to the golden ratio, which is an irrational number denoted by the Greek letter F, whose value is approximately equal to 1,618. The number of harmony lives in all manifestations of the visual and captivates the eye with its divine balance, just as Teodor Ushev's daring steampunk dystopia attracts with a masterful vision and exquisite details.Impressive animation fragments, a trademark of the author, are implemented in the game frames.


The plot tells of a new nation of eternal, biologically perfect humans who prepare to leave Earth forever, preparing the ship Pumpal for the mission. In this utopian reality, the main characters Gargara and Krypton will try to overcome the foretold denouement and reverse the course of history. They will go through various trials in a constant race against time and under the sign of the eternal battle between love and evil, human and anti-human.

You are about to enjoy a movie in which: We are all perfect in our own way. Some figuratively, some figuratively. Every poison has its antidote and just one tear has the great power to disturb the deepest sleep.

All are in a relentless race with the chronic disorder of the Chaotic Clock. And as tradition dictates…, the prince tremblingly and ecstatically kisses Sleeping Beauty, so that they may live immortally and happily in corporeal eternity.


The two leading roles are entrusted to the actor Deyan Donkov /"Footsteps in the sand", "If someone loves you", "I am you", "Carts", etc./, who plays the role of the returning human the image of Krypton, and the young actress Martina Apostolova /with international recognition for her role in the film "Irina" and the "European Rising Star" award at the Berlinale 2020/, who is reincarnated in the image of his guide to the truth - the wise and brave Gargara.

The film also stars Irmena Chichikova, Nikolay Stanoev, Vasil Duev, Ivo Dimchev, Vladimir Lyutskanov, Georgi Lozanov, Gerasim Georgiev – Gero, Kitodar Todorov and others.

The film is a co-production of Bulgaria and Canada and is realized with the financial support of the National Film Center.

Producers for Bulgaria: Peripeteia and Muvimento.


Teodor Ushev is the author of nearly 20 animated films. In Bulgaria, he initially became famous for his remarkable theater posters from the 1990s. He currently lives in Montreal, Canada, where he creates his films in collaboration with the Canadian National Film Board. Since 2010, he has been teaching and conducting workshops and master classes in more than 20 universities and within various festivals. Ushev's impressive and original work has over 80 awards and honors and has been shown in many retrospectives, including at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France. Among his most popular works are the visual masterpieces "Blind Vaisha" (2017 Oscar nomination) and "Physics of Sadness" (awarded with over 30 world awards and nominations).

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Expect on the big screen from November 25th.

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