5 alternative drinks to coffee that give a lot of energy

5 alternative drinks to coffee that give a lot of energy
5 alternative drinks to coffee that give a lot of energy

Coffee is a passion for millions of people. It is the magic that, with its aroma and wonderful taste, wakes us up early in the morning, gives us energy, and during the day helps us to be alert and focused. Coffee lovers would find it difficult to replace it with anything else, simply because there is no taste and aroma that can replace this magic.

However, excessive coffee is harmful to he alth. Caffeine is a stimulant that affects the nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestion and the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Too much caffeine means too many headaches in the he althy sense.

But how to wake up in the morning without coffee? What can cheer you up? What can give you that energy and boost to the day that you need after waking up from sleep?

Here are some drinks that can easily replace coffee because they give a lot of energy. In taste and smell, they are infinitely different from it, of course, but they can make you cheerful all day long.

Matcha tea

Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea powder that is full of antioxidants and gives lots of energy. Thanks to the high content of the amino acid L-theanine in its composition, matcha has the property of invigorating, improving mood, supporting mental activity and memory.

Green tea

Green tea is a wonderful substitute for coffee. It brings cheerfulness and energy throughout the day. It is also very useful in the prevention of a number of dangerous diseases, including some types of cancer. Green tea supports the work of the cardiovascular system by helping to reduce cholesterol. It is also useful in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.


Smoothies made with fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are a wonderful way to start your day.Not only will they give you a lot of energy and help you forget about coffee, but they will also fill you with nutrients that can either replace your breakfast or complement it in a he althy way. Smoothies are nutritious and delicious. Just remember not to add sugars, caloric additions and excessive amounts of ingredients to them, because any useful thing in large doses also has negative effects on he alth. Don't forget about the calories in them too.

Natural Hot Cocoa

Cocoa contains caffeine. That is why it can replace coffee, but as an addition, it can give the body many more antioxidants. Be sure to use alternative sweeteners that have been proven beneficial instead of adding sugar to your cocoa.


Kombucha is another way to start your day with lots of energy and without coffee. This fermented drink also contains L-theanine, which gives a lot of energy, but without the negative effects on the nervous system.In addition, kombucha provides beneficial bacteria to the intestinal flora, improving its functions.

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