Which spices you can consume during pregnancy

Which spices you can consume during pregnancy
Which spices you can consume during pregnancy

The way you eat during pregnancy is essential for the he alth of the pregnant woman and the developing baby. The expectant mother should not deprive herself of important food groups that provide her with necessary nutrients. During the nine months, every woman has her cravings for certain foods, drinks, even spices. If you are wondering which spices you can consume while pregnant, check out some of them in the following lines.

Caution! This article is informative. It is good to consult your attending physician.


Turmeric contains an active substance called curcumin. It is known to be a natural detoxifier that helps protect the liver as well as reduce oxidative stress.Turmeric is considered suitable for consumption during pregnancy, but as with other spices, it should not be overdone.


Ginger is effective in relieving morning sickness during pregnancy. Ginger can be added to fresh foods, consumed in the form of tea, chewed.


Black pepper is a rich source of chromium, which is also necessary during pregnancy. Low levels of chromium can raise blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which can lead to diabetes or heart disease, scientists say. If you like the spice black pepper and do not experience discomfort from its consumption, you can add it to your menu in moderation.


The aromatic cardamom can also be found in the form of tea. It is believed to help overcome nausea.


Unpowdered onions are a rich source of folic acid. A pregnant woman needs folic acid for fetal brain development, cell division and DNA synthesis. According to a number of Western studies, getting enough folic acid could prevent neural tube defects. According to the recommendation of scientists, it is good to consume folic acid-rich products with foods high in vitamin C.

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