Things that age the brain faster

Things that age the brain faster
Things that age the brain faster

Aging is an inevitable part of life. However, our habits can slow down or speed up this process. We pay attention to white hairs, wrinkles on the face, but forget that the brain also ages. What habits of ours, apart from smoking and drinking alcohol, accelerate this process?


How many hours of sleep a night do you get? Adequate sleep is extremely important because hormones in the body work to regulate body temperature, metabolism and other functions that affect brain he alth and overall he alth. Not getting enough sleep accelerates the brain's aging process.

You are consuming unhe althy foods

Our daily life is hectic, we often eat on the go and not always he althy foods. Burgers, fried and packaged foods, sweets… Brain cells need he althy foods to support their function. Here you can see some good brain foods.

You don't exercise regularly

How often do you exercise? According to a number of studies, regular sports activities increase capillary development in the brain. This allows the brain to have a better blood supply and get the nutrients it needs.

You avoid hugs

How often do you hug your loved ones, pet? If you do it rarely, know that avoiding such caresses increases levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that damages the brain.

Don't read, don't learn new things

Hobbies, reading books, playing board games, acquiring new knowledge keep the brain active. In this way, he exercises himself, and this slows down the aging process.

Stress, lack of relaxation

According to experts from the University of Toronto, the less you relax, the more tense you will be. It has been proven that people who are exposed to more stress suffer from anxiety and experience more memory problems.In addition, prolonged stress can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease. So besides getting enough sleep, don't forget to relax through massage, yoga, aromatherapy, etc. This will help you overcome stress and slow down brain aging.

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