Which dreams bring happiness?

Which dreams bring happiness?
Which dreams bring happiness?

What did you dream last night? Even if we don't remember all our dreams, there are those that make us smile in the morning or vice versa. We rush to open our eyes to check the interpretations of our dreams. Ancient cultures were also concerned with unraveling them. See which dreams bring happiness according to ancient Chinese peoples.

If you dream of the rising of the sun or the moon, then your family will be good, prosperous, well educated and you will have success in business.

If you dream of a rainbow, then luck will come to your family.

Dreams of stars and starry skies are also interpreted as those that bring happiness.

To dream of an orchard full of fruits means that your children will be safe.

If you are sitting under a tree in your dream, you will soon receive help from an influential person.

If you dream of a tomb and a coffin, it means that all the worries you have now will soon end.

Dreams in which you visit a temple suggest extraordinary happiness, if you see an altar, statues of gods, good fortune awaits you.


If in your dream you see a dead man coming out of his coffin, it means that you will earn money

If you dream of a naked person, this suggests a very good fortune.

If you dream of a sick person crying or laughing, it means that his illness is about to go away.

If you dream of being bitten by a snake, you will be happy with money.

If you dream that you are wearing a ring, it is a sign of expecting money.

Dreams in which you see a building being built also suggest money and gains.

If you dream of a parrot, know that it is a symbol of friendship.

If you dream that you are poor, luck awaits you.

Dreams of a candle, a lamp and a boat passing under a bridge portend happiness.

If you look at yourself in a clean and clear mirror, happiness awaits you.

If you dream of green nice grass, green trees, your family will be happy.

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