4 types of soulmates

4 types of soulmates
4 types of soulmates

“A true soul mate is probably the most important person you will ever meet because they tear down walls and slap you to wake you up. But living with a soulmate forever? Is not. It's too painful. Soulmates come into your life only to reveal another layer of you and then they leave.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Do you believe in soulmate and have you ever met one? Surely you have or have had friends, loved ones, love partners with whom you have felt very differently. Maybe these were your soulmates. See the characteristics of 4 types of soulmates.

Karmic Soul Mate

It turns out that we may meet more than one karmic soul mate in our lifetime. Soulmates come into our lives to teach us valuable lessons. This could be family members, close friends, colleagues.

People are not the only ones with whom we can have karmic relationships. Sometimes the karmic characteristics found in humans are found in pets as well.

Occasionally karmic relationships can be romantic, but not long-lasting, as they are meant for when we encounter them, to learn a lesson, to learn an important lesson that will help us grow personally. Karmic soulmates remain in us the feeling of someone we have met before.

Twin Souls

This is the highest form of soulmate. Meeting this soulmate is like seeing yourself in someone else. Many people in their lives are looking for that very soulmate and often never find it. And maybe they meet her, but they don't pay attention to the signs that life shows them.


The Friend

with whom you are forever connected.With it you can share your innermost thoughts, emotions. This is not always about a romantic partner. A soulmate friend is usually someone we grew up with side by side, someone we stay connected to, someone who is close to our heart even when they are far away from us. Distances cannot hinder your connection.

Soulmates from past lives

This may have been your beloved mate or friend in your past lives. The relationship between you is urgent. You feel like you'll be close friends forever, no matter how many years pass, how far apart you are. The relationship between you is carefree. These soulmates teach us to believe in ourselves.

They help us become the person we are meant to be, without pain and suffering. Often we try to make these relationships romantic,but it's usually impossible. There is a lack of physical attraction or desire to maintain and protect our friendship.

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