15 Personal Things Facebook Knows About Us

15 Personal Things Facebook Knows About Us
15 Personal Things Facebook Knows About Us

Every day over 1 billion people around the world log into Facebook. And now imagine how all this information that users post, delete, like, comment, is guarded and monitored by special agents, with the main motive being the security of these same users. Whether this is the case, we leave it to you to judge for yourself.

The site Propublica published a list of 15 things that Facebook knows about us thanks to all our actions on the social network. Some things you'll be really surprised are kept on their servers.

Everything you like: photos, posts, people, videos. Facebook analyzes everything you like on the web.

All private messages exchanged with every single user you've ever texted with.

All deleted messages,wall posts and comments. Even if you deleted them a long time ago, they are still sitting on the web's servers.

All unpublished wall posts that you started to write but didn't publish. Yes, Facebook remembers things you haven't even posted.

All photos and videos you post. Even ones that other users have shared with you.

The time you unfriended someone and the time you actively communicated with them.

All your actions, likes or posts through Instagram and WhatsApp apps (both owned by Facebook).

All the events you attend as well as any trips you have made to other countries.

All devices you used to sign in to Facebook

All the things you did on sites where you signed in with your Facebook login.

Your degree and salary.

Your political affiliations or comments on political topics.

Your credit card numbers.

Your face: when someone tags you in a photo, Facebook notes it in its database so it can better identify your face in other photos.

Sites you visited through a Facebook ad post.

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