20 truths about life

20 truths about life
20 truths about life

As we age, we think more and more often about the truly important things in life, about the lessons we have learned, as well as those we have yet to learn.

Everyone has their own truths, rules and lessons from the experience so far.

Here we present to you 20 truths about life that we should remind ourselves more often.

1. Your material we alth will not make you a better or happier person.

2. Your obsession with finding happiness is what is preventing you from achieving it. This truth also applies to love.

3. You can't make everyone happy and if you try you'll lose yourself.

4. You can't be perfect and try to reach unrealistic standards.

5. Your actions speak louder than your words, so you must be responsible for them.

6. Your talent means nothing without consistent effort and practice.


7. Now is the only moment that matters, so stop wasting it going back to the past or planning the future.

8. No one cares how hard your life is and you are the author of your life story.

9. Your words matter more than your thoughts, so start inspiring people.

10. Investing in yourself is not selfish. This is the most valuable thing you can do.

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