What kind of woman are you according to your eye color?

What kind of woman are you according to your eye color?
What kind of woman are you according to your eye color?

They say that the eyes are the window to a person's soul. And this is the very truth. Eyes never lie. They show our love, sadness, joy, boredom. It turns out that eye color can reveal a small part of our personality too. What is yours, see in the following lines.

Green Eyes

Green-eyed ladies are magnetic, free-spirited and draw energy from nature. They are mysterious, and if one looks into their eyes, one seems to get lost. they are also curious, work well in a team and are very proactive. They have an incredible zest for success and a thirst for life. One of their negative traits is that they often show their envy towards others. In love, they look for security, especially financial.

Black eyes

Black eyes are rare. That's why the ladies who own them can be said to be special. They are mysterious and have very strong intuition. They are responsible, reliable and can keep secrets. It's hard to trust people and it's even harder to win their heart.

But if they fall in love, they are extremely loyal to their partner. They are very dedicated in their work. They are great optimists, passionate about sex, but often need inspiration to feel good.

Hazel eyes

The beautiful combination of brown and green makes the owners of hazel eyes remarkable. Elegance is the first word that comes to mind. These ladies are spontaneous, fun-loving and always up for a party. They are flexible and adaptable, which is why they are so bold in the decisions they make. In love they are real naughty, sensual and do not like uniformity.


Blue eyes

Blue eye color is perhaps one of the most desirable. If your eyes are reminiscent of the sky and the ocean, then you are a kind, intelligent and very energetic woman. You love to travel and always strive to make the people around you happy.

You easily create contacts, you don't know how to hide what you don't like, and you are dynamic and consistent in your work. In terms of love, you need a partner with whom you can talk about interesting topics, who supports and understands you and is ready to do anything to make you happy.

Brown eyes

The most common eye color in the world is brown. Ladies with brown eyes are attractive and confident. They always have a positive outlook on life, which helps them to be creative as well. They always show their independence and politeness.

They are caring, love nature and find happiness in everything that surrounds them. Despite their confidence, they sometimes find it difficult to express themselves. In their love, they are loyal to their partner, but they do not forgive infidelity.

Grey eyes

“50 shades of gray”… If your eyes make up the beautiful shades of gray, then you are a born leader. You have a strong character, you want to dominate every aspect of life, but nevertheless, somewhere inside you have a lot of tenderness and sensuality. You are wise, but sometimes you get too aggressive.

You have an analytical mind, you easily generate new ideas and you are always a welcome interlocutor. You untangle complex situations with ease.

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