5 detox ingredients for he althy and beautiful skin

5 detox ingredients for he althy and beautiful skin
5 detox ingredients for he althy and beautiful skin

Our skin is in constant communication with the organs in the body. Its condition is a reflection of our lifestyle and he alth. When it is sluggish, we have puffy eyelids, dark circles under the eyes, pimples, pigment spots, it means that it signals to us that we need a detox. It can best happen with a change in the way of eating, more sports, less stress. There are some ingredients that are suitable for detoxifying the skin and improving its appearance, such as:

Sea s alt

One of the best skin detoxifiers. The minerals contained in it effectively help to detoxify your skin. Also, sea s alt has an important role in skin detoxification.It helps to strengthen the moisture barrier, prevents impurities from penetrating deep into the pores. This type of s alt is a great addition to your bath as well as homemade face and body scrubs. See more about the benefits of this type of peeling here.

Matcha Green Tea

An eastern ritual for your skin and its beauty and detox. Drinking a cup of this tea is a real pleasure and care for our beauty from the inside out. Green tea is also included in the ingredients of a number of cosmetic products. It is rich in polyphenols, which are antioxidants and have been proven to be absorbed by the skin.

Green tea helps reduce inflammation, photoaging, and is even thought to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Besides as a drink, you can pamper your skin with matcha masks. See how to prepare them.

Black Sesame

Black sesame is a known detoxifying agent. The seed oil contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation.The skin is well nourished, and free radicals, which are one of the main culprits of premature aging of the skin, are neutralized. Both black and white sesame seeds are amazing anti-aging ingredients because they have antioxidant properties that reduce environmental damage. And what sesame oil is useful for, see here.


For centuries it has been used for he althier and more beautiful hair and skin. There are different types of huma – blue, white, green, red and others. Each type is rich in different trace elements. Huma helps tighten the skin, relieves breakouts, slows down wrinkles, and detoxifies.

It works antiseptically. Various masks enriched with huma are available in the pharmacy network and cosmetics stores. Of course, you can also make a homemade mask, here you can see some easy ideas.

Charcoal is another skin detox ingredient that works very well to deep cleanse pores, reduce oiliness, tighten pores, and reduce inflammation and breakouts.Charcoal is a good exfoliant and helps to improve our skin tone. You may have noticed that it is also included in a number of skin care products.

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