What are the he alth wonders of matcha tea?

What are the he alth wonders of matcha tea?
What are the he alth wonders of matcha tea?

is a Japanese finely ground green tea that has incredible he alth benefits. Behind the bright green color hides a whole palette of useful substances that make it irreplaceable from a he alth point of view.

The main advantage of matcha is its ability to effectively replace coffee. If you're a caffeinated drinker, drinking matcha is a great way to cut back on coffee while staying energized throughout the day.

Matcha is very rich in antioxidants and in particular the flavonoid L-theanine which has an invigorating effect, giving a lot of energy. Unlike caffeine, L-theanine does not cause the nervousness, tension, and anxiety associated with excessive caffeine consumption.In this way, matcha tea simultaneously stimulates the nervous system, keeping you awake and active, but without the negative effects of caffeine. At the same time, it also reduces stress levels.

also contains caffeine, but it is about a third of the amount found in a standard cup of coffee. If you consume matcha tea regularly, it can help you to be more productive in work and daily life, but less tense and nervous.

What makes matcha tea so beneficial?

Matcha is full of antioxidants that improve he alth, reduce inflammation, fight aging processes in cells and stress in the body. Catechins are a type of antioxidants present in matcha that have the property of contributing to lowering blood pressure.

The polyphenols in matcha are another important type of antioxidants that suppress inflammation in tissues and contribute to normal cell division and regeneration, WebMD writes.

Matcha can support liver he alth as the antioxidants in it stimulate normal liver cell division. The good work and normal functions of the liver are a prerequisite for reducing cholesterol in the blood and maintaining a good condition of the cardiovascular system.

Like most types of green tea, matcha has a detoxifying effect. Matcha tea has the ability to stimulate and accelerate metabolism, which can have a positive effect on weight. Regular consumption of matcha green tea can help with weight loss.

Matcha tea is easy to prepare as it is soluble in water. You need to dissolve a teaspoon of matcha in a glass of hot water. You can also use it as a great addition to your warm milk, cold smoothie or various baked goods, and as part of your morning portion of oatmeal with yogurt.

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