5 morning habits to ditch

5 morning habits to ditch
5 morning habits to ditch

Each of us has our morning habits. Some start their day by checking social networks, others spend a long time on the toilet reading a magazine, there are those who skip breakfast, etc. Unfortunately, some of our habits can harm our he alth.

Which 5 morning habits are good to give up right now?

You miss your morning shower

Every day we go to work, we face different situations, we solve problems, we look for solutions for them… According to scientists from Harvard, a morning shower helps us to be more concentrated and makes it easier for us to look for solutions. Experts believe that a shower allows the brain to generate new and unusual ideas.

Taking a hot shower

After the end of the working day, it might be a relaxing idea, but a hot morning shower won't wake you up, it will increase your desire to get back into bed. On the other hand, a cooler shower is invigorating.

You are consuming an unhe althy breakfast

A bowl of cornflakes, pasta snacks, patties, cupcakes, etc. Foods that raise blood sugar levels, which causes insulin levels to rise. Soon after consuming such a high-calorie breakfast, your appetite will increase, but you will also feel lethargic instead of energetic. That's why start your day with a he althy serving of protein, fat, and carbs by eating wholesome foods like eggs, a whole-wheat sandwich, an avocado, a little tomato.

Brush your teeth after breakfast

After eating food, the enamel becomes vulnerable, especially if we have eaten citrus fruits, drank carbonated drinks.In order to reduce the damage to our teeth, it is recommended to wash away food residues by rinsing our mouth with water and brushing our teeth with toothpaste 30 minutes after consuming any food.

Drink coffee on an empty stomach

A cup of strong coffee after waking up increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, making us more tense without even realizing it. In addition, coffee on an empty stomach seriously harms the stomach. According to research, the best time for the first coffee of the day is three or four hours after waking up and after having breakfast. But if you're used to waking up with it, add some milk or cream to it.

Last but not least, after waking up always start your day with a glass or two of water to hydrate your body.

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