20 reasons to give up sugar

20 reasons to give up sugar
20 reasons to give up sugar

Favorite sweets, sodas, coffee sweetened with sugar… How often do you consume them and how often do you think about the consequences that sugar has on your body?

In addition to sugar consumption causing weight gain, it can cause breakouts, lower your energy levels, cause mood swings, and yes reduce testosterone production.

We're sharing 20 more reasons to cut back on sugar or give it up altogether

Sugar can reduce the protective functions of the immune system.

Causes hyperactivity, restlessness, inability to concentrate and other "weirdness" in children.

Sugar causes triglyceride levels to increase.

Disrupts the body's ability to resist bacterial infections.

Frequent consumption of sugar can lead to disruption of the elasticity and proper functioning of tissues.

Sugar leads to deficiency of chromium and copper in the body.

Consumption of sugar can lead to a number of inflammations of reproductive organs in women.

Sugar intake leads to "glucose starvation."

Sugar interferes with the proper absorption of calcium and magnesium.

Sugar leads to increased acidity in the digestive system.

Intake of sugar can reduce insulin sensitivity, contribute to the development of osteoporosis and decrease vitamin E levels in the blood.

If you don't want to raise your cholesterol levels, don't consume sugar.

Sugar increases the risk of diabetes.

Sugar leads to premature aging and complications related to arthritis.

Sugar leads to uncontrolled growth of the Candida fungus.

Sugar consumption can cause gallstones.

Sugar can cause eczema in children.

To keep your heart he althy, be careful with your sugar consumption.

Sugar disrupts DNA structure, protein structure, collagen structure and causes early wrinkles.

Frequent consumption of sugar carries risks of developing cataract and atherosclerosis.

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