What is the truth about green eyes

What is the truth about green eyes
What is the truth about green eyes

Green eyes are one of the most magnetic and impressive eyes of all. They never go unnoticed. Enigmatic, mesmerizing, the color green definitely attracts attention. It is not by chance that green eyes have become the subject of praise in literature, painting, poetry, photographs. In 1985, a National Geographic magazine photo of a green-eyed girl went around the world and became one of the most iconic and captivating photographs of all time.

What we don't know about green eyes? What lies behind their magnetism and beauty?

They are the most attractive eye color

If your eyes are green, rejoice - perhaps they are the basis for enjoying approval and sympathy from the people around you.A study by allaboutvision.com cited by thelist.com found that green-eyed people enjoy the most attention from others. They are subconsciously attracted to you and to a large extent the color of your eyes plays a role in this.

Green eyes are rare

Globally, this is the case, as browns are among the most popular, followed by blues. Not if you're in Europe though. According to worldatlas.com, Europeans have the most green eyes of all continents. Also, there is another eye color that is even rarer than green and that is the gray color.

Actually, irises only look green, but they really aren't

It may sound strange and impossible to you, but no one actually has green eyes. They only appear that way because of the specific refraction of light that creates this illusion.

According to research published on eyesite.co.uk, green eyes do not contain the color green. In them there is a special mixture of brown pigment cells, yellowish lipochromic pigment, which, thanks to the scattering of light waves, create the impression of the green color of the eyes.But he really isn't like that.

No one is ever born with green eyes

Newborn babies have blue or gray eyes. Even the ones considered to be the most popular - brown ones, are not like that after birth. This is because melanocytes, the pigment cells that determine eye color, begin to slowly divide and accumulate after birth. The eye color that the child will have as an adult will not appear until after the first year after birth, and in many cases even after that.

Women more often have green eyes than men

Science isn't sure why women are more likely to have green eyes than men. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Statistics Education, scientists found that 12% of male participants had green eyes, compared to 18% of female participants. The researchers also found that their results were very close to those of other studies.

People of all races have green eyes

You don't have to be European with blond hair and white skin to have green eyes. Research shows that people of all races and continents, including Africa and Asia, have green eyes. It happens less often, but it is not excluded. The phenomenon is due to a certain gene that causes the pigmentation of the cells in the iris to resemble the color green.

Green eyes are at he alth risk

They may be the most attractive, but unfortunately, green eyes are also the most prone to he alth problems. Green-eyed people are several times more susceptible to developing various types of cancer. This is because green and blue eyes contain less pigment than brown eyes. Since the pigment cells have the task of protecting the skin and the tissues on its surface from harmful UV radiation, this barrier is weaker in light-colored eyes.

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