How to relieve gas and bloating during pregnancy

How to relieve gas and bloating during pregnancy
How to relieve gas and bloating during pregnancy

Many types of discomfort can occur during pregnancy. One of them is the swelling of the abdomen and the formation of distending gases in the intestines. The unpleasant condition is due to the change in hormones during the nine months in which you carry your baby. This causes relaxation and relaxation of the smooth muscles of the intestines, which makes them more inert, respectively susceptible to the formation and retention of gases.

What can you do to relieve this unpleasant feeling?

Drink more water

Drinking more fluids helps the digestive system cope better with constipation, bloating, gas formation and facilitates their expulsion from the body. Always make sure you are well hydrated.

Emphasis on fiber

Fibers stimulate work and bowel movements. Include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, leafy greens in your diet to speed up the removal of not only gas but also toxins from the body.

Eat small portions

The more thought out and well-balanced your menu is, and in small, easily digestible portions, the easier it will be for your already struggling intestines to handle them. Eat more often in very small portions. Not only will this help your bowels get rid of gas, but it will also keep your blood sugar levels stable, which is especially important during pregnancy.

Eat Slow

Chew the food slowly and carefully until it turns into a mush in your mouth. Only then swallow it. Do not hurry. Chewing each bite thoroughly eases digestion and makes absorption of nutrients easier.


Do practices to calm the nervous system. The less stress your body is under, the better each of its systems will function, including the digestive system. Drink peppermint tea for extra relaxation of the stomach and intestines.

Reduce consumption of legumes

They cause bloating even in people who do not suffer from digestive problems or are not pregnant. Processing them is taxing on the intestines, so gas and bloating often appear after consuming them. Avoid them.

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