5 causes of swollen feet

5 causes of swollen feet
5 causes of swollen feet

Swelling of the legs has its reasons. To prevent it you need to know what could be causing it.

Swelling, especially in the ankles and feet is extremely unpleasant. It makes the leg look clumsy and shapeless. The discomfort this condition brings is great.

What can cause leg swelling?

Standing for long periods of time

If you've been on your feet all day, chances are your feet will swell. Prolonged standing puts stress on the legs, especially in the lower part. The weight of the whole body falls on the feet and ankles, and blood circulation is hampered by the tension.

Your shoes are too tight

Shoes must be completely comfortable and true to size. Tight shoes cause compression of blood vessels and impaired blood circulation. This in turn can lead to swelling and edema.

You are overweight

Changes in weight cause a shock to the body. Rapid weight gain hinders free blood circulation and lymph flow. This is why swelling may occur.

On the other hand, excess weight also interferes with the work of the kidneys and the high-quality excretion of excess fluids. This further causes puffiness.


You have an infection

Different types of infections can cause leg swelling. This includes skin infections of the feet, including those between the toes, as well as urinary tract infections. Again, a doctor's consultation is necessary before taking action.

Fluid retention

Fluid retention is also usually one of the causes of swollen limbs. If you have a problem with the exchange of fluids in the body or a disease of the bladder, kidneys or liver, swelling of the legs is possible. People with high blood pressure are also prone to fluid retention, requiring diuretics and a strict low-s alt diet.

You have impaired circulation

If none of the reasons mentioned above apply to you, you may have a medical problem related to blood circulation. Various diseases of the cardiovascular system can make it difficult for the blood to pass through the vessels normally. You may have increased clotting and even a blood clot in your lower extremities to blame for the swelling.

It is imperative to consult a doctor if the swelling persists for more than a few days.

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