6 herbs for good digestion

6 herbs for good digestion
6 herbs for good digestion

A he althy digestive system is something we tend to take for granted – until it decides to remind us that it's important to take good care of it. Foot biting, premenstrual syndrome, poor quality food, stagnant lifestyle, etc. can be the cause of digestive problems.

From bloating and flatulence,to more serious conditions, the causes of these ailments can be many.

Some simple steps can help prevent indigestion. For example, consuming some he althy digestive herbs such as sage, parsley, as well as:


One of the most useful herbs for stomach and intestinal he alth is rosemary. Consuming it as a tea or added to meals can help relax the smooth muscles of the lining of the digestive tract and works as an antispasmodic. According to research, rosemary works against Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria that cause ulcers and gastritis.


Lemon balm, also called lemon balm is an herb that belongs to the mint family and can work wonders in relieving unwanted gas, bloating and pain due to indigestion. It also has a powerful effect against Helicobacter pylori. The herb is usually taken in the form of a tea.


A nice mint tea can be ordered anywhere to drink when suffering from stomach and intestinal ailments. Peppermint stimulates the synthesis of bile, thus aiding digestion. Its antibacterial properties also fight against Helicobacter pylori.


Basil has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to treat a number of ailments, including digestive problems. This aromatic herb has an antispasmodic effect, making it suitable for relieving cramps, gas and bloating.

Add basil to your salads, meals, sauces, smoothies. You can make a small amount of basil and ginger juice and add ground black pepper to it for better digestion.


Marjoram is one of the most commonly used spices in cooking, which is related to oregano. And this herb is effective against Helicobacter pylori and is traditionally used to relieve digestive disorders It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. You can use it to flavor your salads, soups, marinades, breads, and why not smoothies.


Oregano improves digestion by increasing the synthesis of bile, which helps the body digest and absorb fats.It also helps fight certain bacteria, intestinal viruses. You can add oregano to your recipes, smoothies, combine it with other herbal infusions.

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