How to choose a wedding gift that will really please the newlyweds

How to choose a wedding gift that will really please the newlyweds
How to choose a wedding gift that will really please the newlyweds

Your loved ones get married, and you receive an invitation to their wedding ceremony and witness the beginning of their life together. This is a significant moment, which, in addition to positive emotions, is also associated with many responsibilities for both the newlyweds and the guests. And if we leave the chaos of organizing the wedding party to the bride and her consultants, choosing a wedding gift is a complex task in itself. It should bring joy, become part of the young couple's home and life, and bring more happy moments into their daily lives. When choosing a gift for a wedding, it is good to consider the following:

A wedding gift should be practicalInstead of buying an insanely expensive and shiny item that will most likely end up gathering dust behind a display case, look for a gift that will be useful. If the newlyweds have recently moved to a new home or renovated the old one, consider an appliance that will do a good job for them in the daily maintenance of the apartment, when the euphoria of the wedding party has passed and in its place came routine, lack of time and busy work schedules.

The wedding gift should have a long shelf life, be of good quality and effectively help the young family with household tasks. That way, they will secretly thank you for making their family life easier, and they will have more energy left to be together and enjoy their love for each other.

A wedding gift should create memories This is tricky unless you buy them a beach holiday voucher, which might not be a good idea as the groom is a fan of winter sports and does not like the heat.Choose a gift that will take some of the tedious routine household chores away. This will give the newlyweds a chance to have more free time to choose their own ways to create unforgettable moments.

A wedding gift should be seen as the ideal opportunity to satisfy a specific need Daily cleanliness of the floors is definitely a necessity. Choosing a Roomba® i3 robot vacuum cleaner is practical, smart and right on target. The robot maintains the daily cleanliness of the floors by itself, fully automated and thanks to the latest cleaning innovations from iRobot. It maps the home and cleans in an organized manner, not missing trash even in hard-to-reach places, recharges without the need for help, cleans homes with unlimited square footage, and works with a patented AeroForce® three-stage cleaning system with a powerful vacuum.

The Roomba® i3 robot vacuum cleaner can be instructed remotely via the iRobot Genuis mobile app.This means that the married couple will have wonderfully cleaned floors, even when they are at the spa or having a romantic dinner at their favorite bistro. He just needs to send a command to Roomba® i3 from a mobile device - smartphone or tablet.

The robot works alone or in a team with the Braava jet® m6 robotic mop for a complete cycle of dry and wet floor cleaning and can be purchased complete with the self-cleaning base Clean Base™, in which it self-disposes of garbage from up to 60 the container. The high efficiency of Roomba® i3 is guaranteed by iRobot, and family happiness comes with daily clean floors at home.

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