Why we need a body detox after Easter

Why we need a body detox after Easter
Why we need a body detox after Easter

We love the Easter holidays because they fill us with positive energy, we eat goodies, our favorite foods… But as after every holiday, so now we will think about how we feel and look after the abundant meals. We need a detox! Why? Check out some good reasons.

Higher blood sugar levels

The levels of blood sugar and insulin are the first to rise sharply from the consumption of chocolates, sweets, fattier foods that are usually present on our table. When sugar levels rise, we feel a rush of energy, but it is short-lived.

After the highs come the lows, and this makes you feel lethargic, tired during the holiday break and even after. Also, when you maintain high blood sugar and insulin levels, metabolism becomes slower, you may gain more pounds.

Liver needs detox

The liver is an organ that participates in the body's detoxification processes. It has a direct impact on fat regulation, hormone balance, digestion and circulation by filtering nutrients from food and eliminating them from the body. unhe althy fats, alcohol… All these affect the he alth and function of this vital organ. As a result, cholesterol levels may rise. That's why we shouldn't miss starting a he althy diet that will help detox the liver.


Skin not so fresh

Did you know that the condition of your skin depends largely on how you eat. If during the holidays you ate more sweets, foods containing gluten, sausages, fatty foods, pimples may appear, the skin may become more flabby.A post-holiday detox will help you regain its glow and freshness. Also, remember that all the holiday food can retain excess fluids which can make you look bloated and tired.

To reduce bloating

While whole grain carbohydrates are an important part of a he althy diet, the highly refined carbohydrates in pasta, sugar, can lead to bloating, gas. Remember that sugar causes a number of inflammations in our body. Your digestive system will thank you if you detox it with he althy foods and drinks.

Kidneys get strained

They are also part of the detox system in our body. The heavy foods we consume at holiday meals, carbonated drinks, and alcohol burden the work of the kidneys, making it difficult for them to eliminate toxins from the body. Another reason to consider a post-Easter detox regimen.

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