This summer, pay with a card to travel more

This summer, pay with a card to travel more
This summer, pay with a card to travel more

In the fast-paced everyday life and in the digital world, more and more people choose to pay with a physical card or through a mobile wallet. The bank card is the means of payment that provides many opportunities and advantages to its holders, especially in the presence of secure, efficient and innovative card products.

Electronic transactions as a method of payment and the use of contactless technologies are becoming an increasingly preferred choice among consumers worldwide. At the end of 2020, over 2.8 billion mobile wallets were registered in use, and forecasts in the coming years are for this number to increase by nearly 74% and reach 4.8 billion at the end of 2025.

Against this situation and at the height of summer, when you are trying to find a balance between ideas for summer shopping, vacation and interesting events, convenient shopping and easy payment become an important factor. Especially when you add combining them with the dynamics of everyday work and rushing through all the duties.

How often do you use your card - two or three times a week? And maybe every day. Whatever the answer, Postbank offers you a little extra motivation when choosing a means for your daily payments.

Here's how you can earn with Post Bank

In the period June 1 - August 31, 2022, make at least 10 payments with your Postbank Visa card issued before the start of the campaign and automatically participate in our raffle for a prize. The choice of payments is entirely yours – you can shop in retail outlets, pay for services and goods online, as well as pay your household bills, local taxes and fees through Postbank's digital channels: internet banking (e-Postbank), mobile banking (m-Postbank) or universal payer (u-Postbank).You can pay both with your physical plastic and with the mobile wallet ONE wallet by Postbank or Apple Pay, where you have digitized your card. The more payments you make by August 31st, the greater your chance to win. Every 10 qualifying Visa payments with your Visa card give you an additional entry into the raffle for one of the great prizes.


This summer is a time for travel and adventure. The campaign of Postbank, in partnership with Visa, gives you opportunities for such. The lucky winners will be able to win one of 10 travel vouchers to an exotic destination of their choice, worth BGN 8,000 each. And one of all participants will win the grand prize – a premium hybrid car Lexus UX 250h Hybrid EXECUTIVE Plus, to travel near and far, and with care for nature.

Winners will be drawn randomly, in the presence of a notary public, within 10 working days after the end of the campaign. Prizes are subject to VAT, car tax is at the expense of the winning participant.

Full information on the conditions for participating in the campaign, as well as on receiving and using the prizes, is contained in the Official Rules of the promotional campaign, available here on the bank's website

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