8 tips on how to choose bedding

8 tips on how to choose bedding
8 tips on how to choose bedding

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the bedroom is the soul. Therefore, it is no coincidence that when furnishing this special room, we always think differently than for other rooms. The bedroom is our most intimate place in the home, in which it is important to have a perfect combination of style, comfort, coziness and tranquility. To turn the bedroom into a true oasis, a place where we find the much-desired peace after a long and tiring day, we must pay attention to every single detail in the room, with a special emphasis on the bed and bedding. The sheets we choose for our bedroom should not be underestimated in importance, because uncomfortable and low-quality fabrics can very easily spoil our feeling in the recreation room.

If you are about to choose bedding, we will be happy to introduce you to some useful recommendations on what to pay attention to when choosing accessories.

Get inspired but don't forget your plan

When we are about to buy accessories for the home, it very often happens that we get inspired and impressed by beautiful and stylish items, which, however, hardly fit into the overall design of the room. That's why inspiration is a valuable motivator and boosts our imagination, but we shouldn't forget about our design plan either.

When choosing new bedding for the bed or adjacent accessories, it is important to consider the interior of the room. No matter how much we like a certain model of sheets, it is good not to give in to the impulse and buy right away, but to consider which option will be most suitable for the room. Impulsive purchases very often lead to later regret and disappointment when we get home and look at the selected items in peace.Therefore, our advice is before you go to the market, make a plan of what colors and fabrics you will be looking for, to limit the risk of going home with a less than optimal purchase.

It is preferable to have a color scheme handy in which your bedroom is furnished, so that you can calmly look at and compare the combinations.


Kits are the most practical choice

When we buy bedding, one of the most practical ways is undoubtedly the multi-piece set: pillowcases, bottom sheet and duvet cover. There are different options depending on your needs and preferences. In "Videnov Furniture" you will find a variety of beautiful and stylish bed linen models, from which you can choose the most suitable for your home.

One color or patterns?

Depending on your taste, the choice of bedroom accessories will be different.If you are looking for more elegant and clean bedding, models in one or two main colors are suitable. Such options are simple and ideal for a room with a brighter interior. Sticking to a simpler bed linen design, you will avoid the risk of cluttering the room with accents and details, which at some point may greatly irritate your senses.

Solid sheets also have a calming Zen effect that is not to be overlooked.


If you are looking for a connection effect between the interior and the bed linen, choose a model in which there is at least one color from the design of the room - walls, floor, curtains, furniture. This will give a nice reference from the bed to the room, but without being too obtrusive and visible.

If the interior of the room is simple and you want to add an interesting accent, the easiest way to do it is with a shawl cover on the bedroom and bedding. Flowers, geometric shapes, mandalas, feathers, various patterns – the choice is endless and depends only on your personal taste and feeling.


Choose quality fabrics

Choosing quality bed linen complements the look of the room. The colors, the design, the patterns you have chosen are important, but no less important are the fabrics you choose. The feeling of sinking into soft and airy sheets is an incomparable pleasure that everyone dreams of when coming home. You deserve this feeling, and to get it, don't underestimate the importance of fabrics in the bedroom.

If the room is not very bright, a good option is to choose sheets with more shine, so as to create a more shiny, luxurious atmosphere. Cotton and more matte fabrics are suitable for bright rooms.

Cotton is a soft and breathable material that retains warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The cotton in combination with polyester guarantees you always smooth sheets without having to iron.

Linen sheets are a good option in summer as they have a natural cooling effect and absorb the heat we radiate.

Eclectic or "to go"

Many people are looking for combinations in which the sheets must match the rest of the room, and this is logical. With such an approach, there are no superfluous elements that irritate the eyes, the environment is extremely pleasant and harmonious, because everything in it "goes together".

But if you are looking for a more interesting approach and something radically different, you can always turn to eclecticism and break the frame by choosing bedding that is not in harmony with the design of the room. This does not mean that you have no taste or cannot combine fabrics and colors, but that you want to try a different approach that will make the room unique, only yours. This is easiest to happen by choosing more interesting bed sheets, because the moment you like this combination, you just change the linen and your room is transformed!


Accents matter

When we talk about accents in the bedroom, it doesn't have to be a bunch of pillows that you have to move every day to go to bed. But the presence of one or two decorative pillows will contribute to a pleasant atmosphere and complete appearance of the room. A colorful water jug ​​on the bedside table, a stylish night lamp in a contrasting color, an elegant chandelier, a fluffy rug on the floor or a shawl bedspread are those elements of bedroom furniture that create its unique look.

On the "Mebeli Videnov" website, you can view their offers for bedding and decoration.


Buy the right size

When purchasing bedding, be sure to measure the size of the bed correctly. One of the most annoying mistakes in such cases is to buy smaller sheets and have to change the order.

Take care of your sheets

Regardless of what model you choose, don't forget to take proper care of your underwear. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the label.

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