The most suitable sofa for the living room

The most suitable sofa for the living room
The most suitable sofa for the living room

Is it time to replace the sofa in the living room? The old one has depreciated, is already old-fashioned, or you just want to change the interior of the room where you spend the most time.

L-shaped sofas

They are preferred and pass for modern. However, they require a lot of space – either your living room must be at least 20 square meters and/or there should be no bookcase in it, only shelves on the walls. This model creates the illusion that it can accommodate many people, but at the bend of the letter "d" no one is comfortable sitting. Otherwise, it's perfect for lying on the long side and watching TV. The plus point is that the seat usually opens and you can fit lots and lots of luggage underneath. To clean behind it once a week, you'd need an army to move it.

Lightweight construction

The sofa has legs, with a removable cover (the seats are modular and with zippered covers), which can be removed and washed whenever you want. The model is perfect for families with small children and/or a cat/dog that gets dirty at will. Easy to move to clean the space behind it.

Double or triple

Very often, two couples are now preferred to a triple or even three couples, and the armchairs fall away. This allows more freedom of imagination when arranging.

Stools - too old-fashioned

Thank goodness stools are slowly fading into history. Instead, you can take additional chairs, but not of the same model and fabric, which are placed in the other rooms and serve as mobile cabinets. When you have guests, you can easily move them and sit on them.

As a furniture trend, it is necessary to combine sofa/chairs or armchairs in different damasks/colors or in the same range as the chairs from the dining room.

Before deciding which sofa to buy, determine what you will use the living room for - do you often invite guests and what - for eating and drinking or dancing. If you're a single homemaker, make it comfortable for you, not the guests. Consider whether you're looking for maximum comfort or an unusual design to wow your friends with.

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