What are the garden furniture trends for spring-summer 2022

What are the garden furniture trends for spring-summer 2022
What are the garden furniture trends for spring-summer 2022

It's already spring, the weather is gradually warming up and exciting summer adventures are peeking around the corner. We are anticipating the next fabulous and warm months in which we will enjoy the time outside, the shared moments with relatives and friends. For most people who have a yard and a garden, whether because they live in a house and have such space around it, or because they have a cottage in the countryside, this is undoubtedly one of their favorite places in the summer.

The garden, nature, refreshing drinks, free-flowing games of children and pets, long lunches and dinners in the open air, with delicious food, this is perhaps the most dreamy and affordable vacation.

However, when we talk about yard and garden very often the question of garden furniture and its design arises. Some people take a more casual approach to this, thinking that whatever they choose for patio furniture will be good enough. However, this is not the case at all, because it is in the garden that we spend a large part of spring and summer, vacations, holidays, weekends. We often invite guests and want them to be cozy and pleasant, which is exactly why the design of the yard is not to be underestimated. We should approach it with attention and attitude, as if we were furnishing another room in our home. As we want to feel comfortable at home, surrounded by beautiful and functional furniture, in the same way we should think about garden furniture

If you too are about to select and buy garden furniture to make your yard a real fairy tale, we will introduce you to a few recommendations from designers, as well as some of the current trends for 2022.

Extravagant tables and chairs

One of the trends in garden design in 2022 will definitely be the broken and different shapes of chairs and tables in the yard. Of course, this doesn't mean that if you don't like such shapes, you should go with the trends. You can always follow fashion by adapting it to your taste and style.


Soft and pastel colors are back

If bright colors and tones are more and more preferred in the interior of our home, pastel, gentle and elegant colors will be relevant for the yard and garden.

Pastel tones are extremely light, not straining the eye. They contribute to a feeling of freshness, calmness, lightness and tenderness, which are the most desired emotions in our garden. There, we want to feel at peace with ourselves, in harmony with nature, and pastel colors are part of that fabulous feeling. Therefore, if you are hesitating which colors to go for when choosing garden furniture, don't worry, but stop at white, beige, gray, light pink and pale yellow.


A garden without a swing cannot be

If there is one element that has established itself as the number one piece of garden furniture in recent years, it is the beloved swing, loved by children and adults alike. The garden swing model that has become popular in recent years is larger, accommodating 2-3 people, but its design is not as attractive as single swings.


The design style known as boho chic is gaining popularity not only in home and garden accessories, but also in terms of furniture. Therefore, it is no surprise that some of the models for garden furniture that are current are precisely in the boho style. Garden swings in boho chic are not only comfortable and you sink into them with pleasure, but they are also a joy to the eye with their carefree and at the same time interesting design. If you have to buy only one new piece of garden furniture in summer 2022, it's this swing model that every one of your family and friends will fall in love with!

On the site of "" you will find many suggestions for beautiful garden swings to transform the space in your yard.

The industrial style conquers the garden too

For some time now, the design trend known as "industrial style" has been making its way into home interiors, but now this trend is getting ready to take over our yard as well. Since this style is characterized by unpretentiousness, this makes it very easy to implement in the garden. Simple, more ordinary design, but distinguished by practicality. It is this pragmatism of the industrial style in design that will also make it a favorite of many people.

How can you apply it to your garden design? By putting tables in the form of wooden crates, for example, to add elements of the style of old factories or factories to give such an industrial spirit to your yard.

Think about the shadow

The garden yard offers cosiness, opportunities for seclusion, for a true fusion with the nature around us.However, there is no way to stay under the hot rays of the sun for long, and this inevitably leads to the mandatory furniture in the yard, such as a large garden umbrella and an extensive awning. In addition to protecting us from the sun, the umbrella and awning, when they are solid enough, could also save us from the spring and summer rains, which often fall suddenly and end quickly. And instead of rushing back inside, we could wait for the summer rain to pass, hidden dry under the large awning or stable umbrella.


Use every spot in the garden

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a big yard in front of the house. For some people, the garden is smaller, space is limited, but this should not bother you if this is your case. The simple solution when choosing garden furniture is to use the space optimally and arrange it as functionally as possible. A cozy garden can be achieved even just by placing a small, neat coffee table, 1-2 folding chairs or a beautiful swing.The important thing is that these pieces of furniture are in harmony with the space in which you position them and contribute to the harmony and comfort of the yard.

Details with floral motifs

Finish the design of your garden furniture with decorative pillows or accessories with a floral accent. This will complete the look of the yard. The nature around you will gently flow into the accessories, pillows or even the table cloth.


Bamboo Paradise

Bamboo tables and chairs are very often present in the furniture of garden spaces, and this is not accidental. Bamboo is not only a strong material for furniture, but also creates the unique feeling of closeness to nature, to the natural.


In "" they offer a variety of garden furniture for every taste, and among the large selection you will undoubtedly find interesting proposals with bamboo furniture.

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