How to refresh the interior with poufs and barbarones

How to refresh the interior with poufs and barbarones
How to refresh the interior with poufs and barbarones

One of the rising trends in interior and exterior design in recent years is furnishing the home with an interesting accent - the incredibly comfortable soft poufs.

The pouf and its fluffy cousin the barbaron are some of the coziest and most comfortable accessories we could add to the look of our home. The different designs of this piece of furniture allow us to be flexible and incorporate it into the look of the home in many ways, according to our desire and taste.

Poufs in themselves are an unpretentious accessory that will easily fit into almost any room. Of course, if the style of the room requires a more stylish look and elegance, in "Videnov Furniture" you will find suitable models for every interior and exterior style.

If you hadn't thought about how artistic and cozy an accessory the pouf chair is, now you will undoubtedly be convinced. Not only because it is incredibly comfortable, but also mobile, colorful, stylish and noticeable.

In the following lines, we will introduce you to several ways you could integrate poufs and barbarones into your home, if you haven't already.

What is the purpose of the ottoman?

This fluffy and sometimes slightly shapeless piece of furniture can actually be placed absolutely anywhere. It can fit beautifully in the living room as well as any other room. You'll find them in a variety of sizes, quite often coming as large as a footstool. At first glance, they may seem to have no particular purpose, but in fact they have two main qualities – they are stylish and functional, as long as we know how to combine them with the interior.

How can we use poufs and barbarons as part of our home furnishings?

Foot Rest

No matter how perfect a sofa you bought - comfortable and beautiful, it will certainly be even more perfect with a small addition to it. Namely – a pouf on which to rest your tired feet after a long tiring day. Idyll, right? You are pleasantly lying on the sofa, and your feet are gently resting on a small pouf, which completes the sense of harmony perfectly.


Clothes corner in the bedroom

We all have at least one chair/exercise bike or ironing board in our bedroom, which we use primarily as a place to put the clothes for tomorrow. It's time to make the room more tidy and stylish by setting aside a small but stylish corner especially for clothes. A soft pouf at the end of the bed will do a perfect job for us. It will complement the interior, making it more complete and will be a practical solution. End of the exercise bike hanger!

The favorite chair for all children


There is no child who does not love puffs and barbarones! They are soft, comfortable, easy to move around the room and children are happy to sink into their comfort. Children and teenagers especially love the barbarons, in which they can relax comfortably, read a book, watch TV or just lie around lazily and sweetly.

Bliss corner on the terrace or veranda


After a long day at work, you have only one thought – how are you going to get home, pour yourself a glass of wine or a cocktail and sit comfortably on the terrace, sinking into peace and quiet. Even for 15 minutes before returning to the world of household chores and parenting responsibilities, those 15 minutes are the oasis you've been dreaming of all day. Is there a nicer place than your favorite soft pouf, in which to seclude yourself and sink blissfully… No, right? I thought so too.

Extra chair in living room


If you often gather with friends at home, but you don't want to overdo it with the number of chairs, you can always complement the interior with one or two poufs. They will be a wonderful option to offer a place to sit to your guest or to sit on it yourself.

Way to fill empty space

If there is an empty space in one of the rooms in your home, but you can't think of anything to fill it with, the ottoman is the perfect piece of furniture for the purpose. It is simple enough and at the same time an interesting accent that can quickly become your favorite place when you choose it correctly. In "" you will find many different models of poufs and barbarones, which are available in a variety of colors and designs.

For football fans


If your partner loves football matches, there is one surefire way to make him happy - a case of cold beer and a comfortable barbaron from which to watch his favorite team play on TV.

Small table

The stylish pouf could also be used as a comfortable side table next to the sofa or armchair, for example. You can easily move it as its size is not very big, it is light and you can refresh the interior by moving it to different places in the room from time to time.

Cozy and in the yard


A few poufs or barbarones scattered around the villa yard are a great idea for relaxing in the summer. If you still haven't chosen suitable models that fit your yard perfectly, you can do it right now on the "Mebeli Videnov" website.

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