How to remove traces of sunscreen on a swimsuit

How to remove traces of sunscreen on a swimsuit
How to remove traces of sunscreen on a swimsuit

Getting on your summer vacation could cost you your favorite swimsuit. Heavy and constant application of sunscreen on the beach damages the fabrics of swimsuits and leaves unpleasant white and yellow stains on them. How to remove them? How to restore the cleanliness and colors of your swimsuit?

Sunscreen is a necessary evil. Without it, our skin is too vulnerable to dangerous UV rays. With the constant application of the cream, however, we damage the tissues of the skin. Sometimes these stains remain even after washing.

What can you do to make it easier to remove stains and residue from ?

Rinse the swimsuit after each use

If you don't have the opportunity to wash your swimsuit in a washing machine or with a soak after every time you wear it on the beach, you can at least rinse it thoroughly. You can also rinse and shampoo it well in the shower. Allow it to absorb well and the shampoo to work in breaking down the stubborn cream. Then rinse well. Do this after every dressing.

Stain Pretreatment

Before washing the swimsuit, it is best to treat the affected areas with detergent, soap or shampoo. Apply detergent liberally to stains and leave on for at least 30 minutes before washing and rinsing with warm water. Emphasize the straps and edges of all parts of the swimsuit. They are most commonly affected by sunscreen build-up.

Soak the swimsuit

Soaking in warm water and detergent is a good strategy for dissolving dried and accumulated sunscreen. Soak with hot water and detergent of choice to make washing off the cream easier.

Energetic Hand Wash

Sometimes even the washing machine can't deal with stubborn sunscreen stains on swimwear. So after you've soaked your swimsuit for 30 minutes in warm water and detergent, it's time to get your hands involved in the fight against stains. Vigorously rubbing the affected areas with your hands helps remove sunscreen stains. If necessary, do it several times.

Rinse the swimsuit and roll it on a dry towel

In order not to damage the delicate and vulnerable fabrics of your swimsuit, do not rinse it aggressively and in no case twist it to wring it out. This tears the elastic fibers in the fabric and makes the swimsuit sag and damaged.

Instead, rinse several times with clean water. Next, squeeze the fabric of the swimsuit between your palms until you're sure you've squeezed out most of the water. Finally, press the swimsuit onto a terry towel and roll it up by pressing firmly.This squeezes the water out of it while keeping it from stretching and sagging.

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