22 is a sign that your child is spoiled

22 is a sign that your child is spoiled
22 is a sign that your child is spoiled

Being a parent is life's hardest task. No parent raises their child to be spoiled, not on purpose.

All the efforts that mothers and fathers make are only and only for the sake of the happiness and good future of the child Sometimes, however, this is not the result. With some wrong strategies and approaches, parents are spoiling their children and it shows in the children's behavior.

Here are some of the signs that your child is spoiled.

1. Your child hates hearing "no".

2. The child does not hide his disappointment with gifts he does not like or did not order.

3. The child refuses to follow rules and obey the parent when necessary.

4. Has frequent angry outbursts with yelling and screaming, especially in front of other people.

5. The child never offers to help.

6. He doesn't play well with his peers. Always gets into conflicts.

7. Refuses to do homework.

8. Doesn't say thank you.

9. Starts sentences with "want".

10. He does not share his belongings and toys with other children or anyone.

11. Talk to you as a peer. Disrespects your authority as a parent.


12. The child does not show empathy and understanding.

13. Unwilling to compromise and agree.

14. The child is not good at sports. Refuses to train and face challenges. Easy to give up.

15. There is no "filter" on the mouth. Says whatever comes to mind, including insulting you.

16. He doesn't care if his behavior makes others uncomfortable.

17. He explodes if things don't go his way.

18. He has low self-esteem and makes up for it with outbursts.

19. Your child insists that you treat him as a special person.

20. Makes fun of others, bullies other kids.

21. It's manipulative.

22. Always wanting more. Disagree a bit.

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