11 lies that negative thoughts lead us into

11 lies that negative thoughts lead us into
11 lies that negative thoughts lead us into

Daily stress gives rise to anxiety, which can be related to every aspect of our lives. Anxiety always comes in the form of negative thoughts that lead us to believe various lies. If we fail to get out of this trap, we fall into a spiral of negative thoughts, lies and unhappiness.

See 11 lies that negative thoughts lead us into

1. The past lives on today. Think about all those worries and mistakes from the past, unpleasant situations you've had, people you're trying to forget. They will never go away, but constant worry about the past, constant thoughts about it, only feed it and interfere with your happiness.That's why it's gone because it's not part of your life.

2. The future is full of unknowns and who knows what will happen. Your fears about what will happen after time may be completely unfounded. It's like when it's not raining you open an umbrella.

3. They are better than me. A common thought when we are confused and don't know which way to go. Of course, such thoughts never lead us in the right direction.

4. I don't deserve love, success, to achieve my dreams - This negative attitude is formed in our early childhood years and our relationships with our parents, their relationships. When an unfavorable situation occurs in our life, the thought that we do not deserve to be happy and receive the gifts of life manifests itself in various forms. Fear of acting, choosing the wrong partner, etc.

5. I have failed in the past and I will not succeed now. You may fail at something 5, 10 or more times, but finally make it happen.

6. I will never be as fit as other women are or as fit as I want to be. A limiting thought, provoked by sadness, stress, expectation that the improvement of the form will happen in the shortest possible time. Be patient and take good care of your body.

7. I'm not good enough at my job and I think I'm going to get fired. A negative thought that may have been provoked by an incident with a colleague that did not go well, for example. This kind of fear is also not always justified, but it is enough to prevent us from performing at our best in our work.

8. I don't know how I'm going to cope - Everyone has this thought at some point in different situations. Instead of allowing fear to break us, we could use it as a motivator to succeed.

9. I feel lonely even though I have friends - Loneliness often arises from our expectation that someone else will make our life more colorful and beautiful, for example a romantic partner.If we don't have one by our side, this negative thought easily creeps in. But if we are bound in a good relationship, have friends, relatives, it is important to ask ourselves what makes us feel this way. There is nothing wrong if loneliness has overtaken us to seek professional help from a psychologist to get our positive thinking and attitude back.

10. I will be happy when… - I started making more money, I became successful, I found love, I lost weight, etc. This thought can lead you into a long-term trap of unhappiness. Remember that your personal happiness is only your responsibility.

11. My life will not improve in a positive direction - As long as we have such thoughts it certainly won't. Thoughts materialize, don't forget that. They shape our attitude, decisions. It's up to us to turn things around. In small steps, every day.

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