14 signs your relationship is about to fall apart

14 signs your relationship is about to fall apart
14 signs your relationship is about to fall apart

Some relationships stand the test of time and challenges, others fall apart. Everyone wonders if their relationship will survive all the hardships. It's normal to sometimes have doubts about your relationship, your partner, and even your own feelings. Moments of hesitation can make you rethink some aspects of your relationship.

One of the most important indicators of whether your relationship will last or fall apart is how you spend your free time.It can be really indicative of how you feel about each other as well as your relationship.

If you feel comfortable in your partner's company, you can behave completely freely and unintentionally, this is a good sign of your relationship and the he alth of your relationship.If you communicate freely and don't choose your words strictly in advance, but express yourself sincerely, speak openly, that's wonderful.

But if you're not spending enough time together when you're not at work or committed, that's a bad sign. If you're putting more energy into doing things separately and it doesn't make you miss each other, it's a symptom of a relationship problem. Different leisure preferences can drive relationship partners apart and make them look more like roommates than a full-fledged couple.

What are the signs that your relationship may be falling apart soon?

1. You need a drink to calm your nerves.

2. Love messages are increasingly rare, even absent.

3. You can't be quiet when you're together. You always find a reason to fight.

4. You have different ideas about entertainment.

5. Your interests are not a priority for your partner and vice versa.

6. Your partner blames you when things go wrong in some way.

7. You express your love in a different way. You have a different love language.

8. You keep negative feelings inside you.

9. You see changes in your behavior as well as your partner's.

10. You waste time sitting on the sofa without talking and doing something together.

11. You always get distracted when you talk to each other.

12. You get on my nerves - sometimes on purpose, sometimes unintentionally.

13. You never talk about the big things in life as well as the big problems. You just sweep them under the rug and go with the flow.

14. You never make romantic gestures.

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