11 ways to take care of yourself every day

11 ways to take care of yourself every day
11 ways to take care of yourself every day

If someone asked you how you take care of yourself, what did you do yesterday or today that was expressed as care, how would you answer? Taking care of ourselves comes in so many varieties. From drinking our first coffee or our next one in a nice setting, with a book in hand, not answering a call when we don't want to, to buying something new to make us smile.

You may not believe it, but the first person you should take care of is yourself. If you are tired, dissatisfied, nothing around you will happen as it should. No one around you will be happy.

That's why we're sharing with you 11 ways to practice self-care every day.

1. Do something every day, even if it's something small, but for which you will be grateful in the future.

2. When you feel like crying, cry. When you are angry - let your emotions go (this does not mean acting out in a destructive way for you or others). When you are happy and want to be happy, don't ruin the moments and opportunities.

3. Stop or reduce contact with people who make you feel bad in any way.

4. Keep a junk journal. Junk is all the negative thoughts that keep you from being at peace with yourself. When you are angry or sad, write down your feelings on a piece of paper. For example: fear, anger, tiredness, frustration, etc. Tear up the paper and throw it in the trash can. Maybe not the first time, but with time you will feel how much lighter you feel.

5. If there is anything you need to change in your life, start today. Look for new jobs, start exercising, eat he althier, etc

6. Don't believe everything you think and don't trust everything you feel.

7. Break the connection with people who do not contribute to your life to be full, harmonious, happy.

8. Learn from people you admire. Surely there are such inspiring personalities that you know or have followed on social media. They always inspire with ideas, tips, books.

9. Learn from people you don't like. Sometimes even they can teach us some things, or at least remind us what negative traits of behavior we shouldn't keep in ourselves.

10. Sleep when you are tired. Eat when you're hungry.

11. Beware of burning out, of exhausting your strength. It's another small step in self-care. Working and caring for others to the point of exhaustion is self-abuse.

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