What to do if your baby hates bathing?

What to do if your baby hates bathing?
What to do if your baby hates bathing?

not just for cleaning and bathing. It has a huge role in calming and de-stressing. Bathing is a ritual that should strengthen the bond between parents and baby, calm them and him, and be a fun experience. However, this is not always the case.

If your baby squeals deafeningly when bathing, turns red with terror and chokes with roars, you are not alone. This is a period that happens often to many babies, but fortunately it is temporary. To shorten it as much as possible, or to completely eliminate the roar and stress for the baby, try some calming techniques.

Try a bath pillow

Pillows, mats, bath chairs are a convenient way to create more comfort for the baby during the obligatory bath. These products help to improve the sensation of the baby by limiting the contact with the smooth surface of the tub and make the bath pleasant, like a game before sleep. The pillow will help the baby feel like in a soft bed or cradle, which will reduce crying and fear of the bath.

Make the transition to bathing smooth

If you grab the baby and quickly put him in the bath, he will cry and cry uncontrollably all the time because of the stress he got. To reduce these outbursts, it is important to make the transitions between all other activities and bathing as smooth as possible. Distract the baby with songs, turn on the water beforehand so the baby can hear it, give him the bath toys to play with before you enter the bath to create a positive association with the familiar toys.

Forget about the bath for a while

If your attempts don't work and the baby still reacts violently to them, try simply bathing him under running tap water. It's faster and imperceptible to the little one, who by the time he knows what's going on, it's over. Try different variations.

Distract him with songs and funny faces

Now is the time to put your artistic skills into action. Babies love to listen to their parents' voices. If you sing or make funny faces in front of the baby, he will be distracted, laugh and forget about the upcoming bath.

Be careful with the temperature

To calm the baby before bathing, it is important to be sure of the temperature of the water and the air in the bathroom. They should be moderate and just slightly higher than his body temperature. Don't be in a hurry to submerge the baby completely in the bath. Start feet first by constantly singing and distracting him.

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