17 ways to beat the summer heat

17 ways to beat the summer heat
17 ways to beat the summer heat

The heat on summer days can be especially hard to bear. Not everyone has an air conditioner at home to make the heat more bearable in their home. But luckily, there are some effective ways to cool off in the summer without using an air conditioner. Here they are.

1. Make a breeze. Air flow can help make the heat easier to bear. Open opposite windows or doors, but not wide so that the air stream does not become too strong, but crack them open.

2. Close the blinds or draw the curtains. The less bright sunlight that enters your home, the cooler you'll keep it.

3. Create an air conditioner out of ice cubes. Place bowls of ice cubes all around your home. As they melt and evaporate, they will create a pleasant cooling sensation.

4. Clean the air conditioner filter if you have one. This way you will help it work better and more efficiently.

5. Run a fan. For greater convenience, you can install a ceiling fan so that it moves the air above you and throughout the premises.

6. Spray yourself with cold water. Fill your spray bottles with water to use occasionally when you get too hot.

7. Turn off your computer. If you have one or more devices that you are not currently using, turn them off. They radiate extra heat.

8. Skip the cycle of drying the dishes in the dishwasher. It produces additional heat. Allow dishes to air dry.

9. Dress in loose clothing. Too tight and tight clothes lead to an increase in body temperature.

10. Walk barefoot. This helps to naturally cool the body, especially in contact with flooring and floor surfaces at home.

11. Eat something spicy. Spicy and spicy foods raise the temperature in the body, provoke the release of energy and stimulate sweating. This cools you naturally.

12. Stay hydrated. Drink more fluids.

13. Focus on fruits and vegetables. They bring extra hydration, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

14. Use fluorescent lamps. They emit a cold light that does not heat the air further.

15. Apply a cold compress if the heat is too much for you.

16. Try to not humidify the air in your home extra. Do not run appliances that emit steam. Do not bathe with hot water.

17. Replace the sheets in the bedroom with silk or satin ones. They keep cooler.

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