How heat affects he alth

How heat affects he alth
How heat affects he alth

There are three main problems that heat can cause. These are cramps, exhaustion and heat stroke. In order to know how to react in each case, the following information will help you distinguish them.

The cramps, due to the heat, are caused by the great loss of water and s alt. Symptoms include sweating, fatigue, thirst and muscle cramps. If after you notice the mentioned symptoms, you do not drink water and do not move out of the sun, you may feel headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, you may vomit and your urine may turn dark.

Exhaustion caused by the heat can develop into sunstroke, and this is not good at all because it causes shock, brain damage and in the worst case - even death.In case of sunstroke, the body temperature reaches 40 degrees, strange behavior, inadequacy, uneven breathing, fast and light pulse, loss of consciousness, dry and reddened skin are noticed.

It is important to react promptly to both cramps and fatigue - drink water, don't stop moving suddenly, stay out of the sun. In the event of a stroke, you must be in the shade and cooled (with a hose or a sponge soaked in water) and a doctor must be called.

To protect yourself from sunstroke as well as any kind of physical discomfort caused by the heat, wear a hat, avoid the sun and its peak hours, always carry a water bottle, stay well hydrated and don't forget to apply sunscreen.

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